Friday, March 8, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • Jeff Thomason, from the show Predator Pursuit, is offering people a chance to go bear hunting with him up in Alaska.  They have 5 spots available at $3500/spot.  Does not include travel fees, but everything else is included. Here is the link to his Facebook page if you are interested.
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife turns 50 this year!
  • Found this article from back in 2011 about a Feral Hog Poison that would only kill hogs and do it within minutes.  Don't know if it didn't get approved or what, but I can't find the stuff for sale anywhere!
  • 2 Days left in the hog contest... now it's time for the Gobbler Contest!
  • Here is another hunting website that is a non-profit that gives scholarships and is designed to promote big game hunting, Texas Big Game Awards.  They also throw a contest for the largest scoring big game of Texas.
  • The company that is supposed to be making up our new logo sure is taking its time.  We are on a schedule here and they don't seem to support the little guy... I'm sure once we get the logo though, all will be good! They are very good at what they do!
  • You gotta love a good Wild Boar vs. Car video!
  • Or a great clothesline maneuver by a police officer.  Intense!!!
  • If you'll notice in the picture above, that is Tyler Chapman of Decatur, Texas, and he was pretty scared of hogs at the time... especially the hogs in the left of the picture that were coming to feed under the feeder, while he was under it!  Great action shot for the game cam!  To finish the story off, he dove in the bed of a pickup not too far from him. Guess he thought they were really coming for him!

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  1. Why is it always that way? While deer hunting, I see 20-30 hogs and no deer. And when I'm hog hunting, I see 10-30 deer, including some NICE bucks, and no hogs. I'm guessing if I go out Monday after the hog contest the fields will be full of hogs and deer!