Thursday, March 14, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • Cooler corn? A little different way to cook corn...
  • We've though about posting our new logo options on here and letting you guys vote on which one you like best, but still are not sure...
  • The Hog Contest sure had a lot of criticism saying that it was a rigged contest... NO WAY JOSE'!  I would not support a rigged contest in any way, and those of you who know me, know that I wouldn't.  Andrew Gage and Cason Caraway hunted almost every day during the contest and they are 2 of the most honest hunters I know.  The situation might have been crazy, but they will take a polygraph to see if any rules were broken before they get the prize.  
  • Now I'm not saying they might not want to change some rules, but that isn't up to me... I still think it was one great contest, and one BEAST of a hog!  
  • I'm ready to get on a turkey, it's been a while since I've fired the shotgun... and I miss it! I'm sure there are some of you out there feeling the same way!
  • I'll repost this video of Corbin Green's video "Backflips" since Turkey Season is just around the corner!
  • I believe this Texas man had the right idea with the wrong bird... Don't mess the Eagle, son!
  • You just gotta love Ted! 
  • I just found out that when using a cell phone to comment on one of my posts, it does not work as well... or at all!
  • There are some people that just have the luck of driving down a highway and hitting the only deer in a 10 mile radius as they are crossing the highway... for those of you that do, start keeping score... the people's car in the picture above already have.  Nothing to be ashamed of... it's better than swerving and hitting a tree!

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