Friday, December 30, 2011

After this weekend...

...deer season may be over,
but varmint season will just be beginning!

Click link below

The only one I haven't found information on is the Weatherford Varmint Hunt, but I will keep ya posted!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mallards...Duck Commander Style!

I made a new friend the other day who has probably one of the best duck hunting tanks I've ever seen.  I was fortunate enough to go with him on an early morning hunt and saw what seemed like 1000 ducks, but what made it really unique was his was a something you would see on Duck Commander on the hunting channel, which is something you normally don't see in Wise County. 
It was nice being able to sit down, play on your phone, eat, drink, and fellowship with one another (as they say on Duck Commander)! If it wasn't for the blind I wouldn't have gotten to know everyone as well as I would have if we were in a layout blind, spread out, or natural cover, plus, the hunt was awesome!
Again, one of the best hunts I've ever been on...I give it a 10!

And This is what they kill out of it!
This mornings Mallard limit!
All in Wise County, Texas

Saving the African Antelope

I doubt that most of you know this, but I joined an animal rescue group last year. I was assigned to protect the African Antelope.
Well, last month was my first real action, and fortunately my efforts were captured on the attached video. I hope you enjoy it.
This type of work is rather tiring for a person of my age, but it is most rewarding.
Even so, I hope I don't have to do this more than once a day…

Credit: C-N

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ol' Mexico

This is a cat we trapped and killed! 
126 lbs  -  6'11" long

The owner killed this hog one night after we had caught him on camera several nights before:
452 lbs

Javelina (several of these were taken down):

I wish I could say I shot this one but this is a deer the ranch owner had just purchased to breed (tranquilized):
27 1/4" spread - 4 years old - 30" main beam

Shane Funk of Bridgeport, Texas

Send 2011 Deer Pictures

January 2nd I will be posting pictures of all the deer people have killed in 2011 from around Wise County. 
Send me your deer picture to be included! 

Please include:
  • Name
  • Where you live
  • Score (if you've gotta brag, we understand)
  • Just 1 Picture will do!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Greenheads! Greenheads! Greenheads!

6 Man Limit of Mallards
Wise County, Texas


For those of you who do a little duck calling, this has got to be the best duck call I've come across! My smokin' hot wife got this for me for Christmas... I can hit the highs and lows with this thing and it is the easiest call I've found to do the feeding call.  It is also a competition call...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

First Deer....

...That the boy has seen! If only he had a red ryder, he could shoot there eye out!
Gavin Poynor of Bridgeport, Texas

Last Post Till Monday...

This will be the last post till come monday morning...
and I give you ducks till then!

Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Wise County Hog Contest

The Wise County Hog Contest winners from last year. It's about a month out until the next one.
287 pounds and $1650 Grand Prize
Cason Caraway & Andrew Gage

-We'll keep you posted for 2012's Hog Hunt-

Falcon Vs. Snake


This has to be the weirdest thing that ever floated by me in the river.

They were stuck together in death lock, each wanting to kill the other first.

My guess is that the falcon snatched up the tasty snake, and it somehow got its tail around the falcons neck, strangling it in midair causing both of them to crash into the comal river. They are both alive and well, considering.

I think a few more minutes and the snake would have won. The tail was actually tied in a knot around the neck, and getting tighter by the second. I got the snake untied, and well, as you can see, they both made it.

This is another one of those stories you tell, and are always acknowledged with "yeah, right!" Well, heres the proof.

Neither of them bit me or scratched me, the snake didnt want to stop biting the falcons leg, and only let go after I had untied everything else.

I got the water out of the falcons lungs with birdie inversion technique, and stayed with him until he was almost dried off in the sun, and flying a little. Ball of snake and falcon, that is the weirdest thing I have pulled out of the water so far, it beats the wagon wheel! 

Credit: Rick James

Thursday, December 22, 2011