I feel like I'm about to start a 4th Grade essay about myself, but here it goes.

My name is Trey Hawkins and I live in Decatur, Texas (Wise County).  I have always enjoyed hunting since I was a child and have many friends who share the same hobby.  I have 3 kids and an awesome wife who supports all of my hunting endeavours. I'm passionate about duck and goose hunting more than I am deer, but do like to kill a hog or varmint any chance I get.  I will not say what I do full time, but I am a guide for DTK Waterfowl on the side and enjoy it very much.

I started this website because I was receiving pictures of deer, varmints, ducks, and other animals that people here in Wise County would harvest and so I thought I would give this a try to promote and, I guess you could say, brag about what has been hunted.

I decided I wouldn't just share pictures and stories, but also let others know about different things happening in the outdoor world here in Wise County, as well as other surrounding counties, including the metroplex.  There is so much going on around us and not many people know it's happening because they never hear about it.  My main goal for this website is to inform our local outdoorsmen of the many other opportunities that take places in Wise and surrounding counties, as well as have a substantial amount of hunting pictures from some of the people who hunt around here.  I'm not limiting this website to just Wise County, but leaving it open for the opportunity to grow.

This website has also become the official page of the Wise County Hog Hunting Contest, which is a contest not just for Wise County, but based here.  It is also a contest created by hunters, for the hunters.  There is no other reason for it, other than to help get rid of the hogs and give a little bit of braggin' rights as well.

I hope you enjoy the site, and send your hunting pictures for them to post... make em' jealous!  

-Trey Hawkins