Thursday, July 11, 2013


The Story:

I've hunted with Randy before. He's a big ol' country boy and not afraid to get down and dirty with a hog. We tracked my son's boar one night and had to get busy with a Glock .40. He hog hunts for a living. But the odds caught up to him a few days ago.

He had a few hunters in for a donated hunt for the Leukemia Society (or something like that). Hunter made a bad shot on a big boar with a .300 Win Mag. They went in after him and couldn't find him. Randy had walked the area a couple times. He had the hunter and his wife with him. He climbed up on a fallen pine tree and jumped down to the other side. As soon as he hit the ground the boar was on him.

Randy fought him off for awhile by kicking him but the hog didn't act like most of them (hit you and run off). He just kept charging. And kept charging. And kept charging. Soon Randy was bleeding from the thigh, wrist, and hands. He was losing a lot of blood and finally got pizzed off.

He was able to grab the hog's head and pin him by getting a knee on his neck. He yelled at the hunter several times to shoot the hog. "HURRY UP! I NEED SOME RELIEF!" Finally the guy snapped out of his shock and came up and put the hog down.

Randy started tying off wounds the best he could and got his wife to drive him to the hospital in Crockett. One surgery, 56 stitches, and a whole bunch of antibiotics later...he is back at home recuperating. The doctor said the tusks just barely missed the main artery in his wrist and it would have got real bad, real quick if that got cut.

He said, "I reckon I'll have to start carrying a pistol again". But he said the hog was on him so fast he didn't even see him coming and wouldn't have had time to draw.

I was driving through Centerville, Texas today and decided to call my buddy Randy. He was at the Langley Ranch recovering from getting charged by a 175 lb. boar.

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