Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • I heard a story last night at Wise County Reunion of a Striper Fishing Guide, I believe on Lake Texhoma, that told some fellow Wise County folks that he couldn't take them fishing because all of his equipment was stolen off of his boat the night before.  The guide asked if they wanted to go ahead and give him the money he would go and buy the equipment that was stolen and take them on out the next day.  Can you guess what happened next...
  • He didn't show up the next day to guide them! What a kick in the a$$!
  • Only 40 days until dove season!
  • That will be the longest 40 days... and I even have to work on the 1st of September (Head slams on!)
  • Talked to a friend last night at the ol' Reunion grounds last night who said he comes to this website everyday (Yes, everyday!).  I felt bad because I don't just have a lot of things to post since there isn't a lot of hunting going on in the dead heat of the summer.
  • Still made me feel good to know there is an audience...even if it is just one person (thanks Chad).
  • I have a friend who made his own deer supplement and has taken it to the next level.  Dr. Joe is one awesome guy and has a passion for caring for and raising whitetail...I couldn't be happier for him! Here is a little preview of his beginning commercial. And commercial #2
  • Here is the link to his website
  • Well lets get this years hunting season going.. send me some pics!
  • That is my wife up top shooting her bow with heels on... and the pic below is karma for shooting her bow with heels on.

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