Sunday, July 28, 2013

Things On my Mind!

  • Wise County's Annual Ducks Unlimited Banquet is August 3rd - just a reminder.  This year it will be at the Decatur Civic Center, which means it is moving up in the world.
  • I think they are expecting me to take over this event next year, but I am too busy to even think about trying to organize such an event.  But I did receive a call from, who I think is, the North Texas DU Chapter President saying thanks for all the hard work I've done for DU... which was nice, but there is no way I can organize an event like this with my time schedule.
  • Do you like the timer to the right of the screen... countdown till bow season, and it is kind of depressing since it is over 60 days away.
  • Speaking of ducks, we can now harvest 6 teal during teal season.  I think last year it was 4 or 5...I didn't hunt teal season, so I wouldn't know.
  • I had no idea it was even illegal in some counties to have your dog trail a wounded deer.  Now they are making it legal in at least 12 more counties, possibly.
  •  I couldn't help it and bought a new toy!
  • My wife and I have been shooting our bows quite a bit and have had some friends invite us to do a little ASA competition shooting.  We may do it! 
  • Her bow is at Hank Morrow's shop, who owns Pyro Custom Bow Strings, getting a nice black and pink string put on.  He was nice enough to refer us to Texas Hydrographics, which is next door to him, and have them hydrodip her riser in carbon fiber. Really nice guy to go above and beyond for us... and I have only heard great things about his strings!
  • Check my game cameras... got a couple nice ones, but nothing like the one above that was sent to me by a faithful reader. 
  • I have a feeling my wife will kill a deer with her bow this year before I do! Good for her!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dove Banding in Wise County

I was having a conversation with a friend last night when he began telling me that TPWD is on his property banding dove. By the sound of it, it isn't that easy to trap dove, but they have managed to trap some white wing and morning/mourning dove. He was kind enough to send me some picture of the process. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • I heard a story last night at Wise County Reunion of a Striper Fishing Guide, I believe on Lake Texhoma, that told some fellow Wise County folks that he couldn't take them fishing because all of his equipment was stolen off of his boat the night before.  The guide asked if they wanted to go ahead and give him the money he would go and buy the equipment that was stolen and take them on out the next day.  Can you guess what happened next...
  • He didn't show up the next day to guide them! What a kick in the a$$!
  • Only 40 days until dove season!
  • That will be the longest 40 days... and I even have to work on the 1st of September (Head slams on!)
  • Talked to a friend last night at the ol' Reunion grounds last night who said he comes to this website everyday (Yes, everyday!).  I felt bad because I don't just have a lot of things to post since there isn't a lot of hunting going on in the dead heat of the summer.
  • Still made me feel good to know there is an audience...even if it is just one person (thanks Chad).
  • I have a friend who made his own deer supplement and has taken it to the next level.  Dr. Joe is one awesome guy and has a passion for caring for and raising whitetail...I couldn't be happier for him! Here is a little preview of his beginning commercial. And commercial #2
  • Here is the link to his website
  • Well lets get this years hunting season going.. send me some pics!
  • That is my wife up top shooting her bow with heels on... and the pic below is karma for shooting her bow with heels on.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Little Taxidermy

I gathered a couple of pictures from my taxidermist at Rut Country... thought I would share!

You can tell I'm in the mood for ducks!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Thank you Johnny at Rut Country Taxidermy! I couldn't be more pleased with this... So much, that my wife is actually letting me hang it in our living room instead of the man cave!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Copperhead Crackdown!

Went out to turn water off last night and saw a copperhead. Went back in the house to get shotgun , put on boots and change from 00 to birdshot. Within 5 minutes we got four copperheads in about 50 feet of flowerbed. The same flowerbed yielded six copperheads over a week summer before last. I sure do like having that light mounted on my shotgun.  -Paul Wood

Friday, July 12, 2013

All About Snakes!

  • Snake have just been on my mind lately...
  • Snakes may have met their match!
  • Snakes may not have met their match!
  • Oklahoma man bitten by cottonmouth while noodling... Ouch!
  • Not sure what kind of snake you have... here is the website to go to! Snakes of Texas
  • Even dogs are having a hard time with snakes...geez! And that is why I went to my friend Dr. Joe at Wise County Animal Clinic this last spring and woolah... got my dog an anti-venom vaccine!
  • Don't stand in flip flops in the middle of a pasture and star gaze while cooking fajitas...EVER!
  • The Canebreak Snake or aka Timber Rattler is the only poisonous snake that is threatened in Texas and you can not kill!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Impala Jumps Through Window to Escape Cheetah!

Tourists inside South Africa's Kruger National Park witnessed an impala cheat death as it jumped into an SUV to avoid a pair of hungry cheetahs.
And the whole incident was caught on film.

The Daily Telegraph reports two women were recording a herd of impalas leaping past their vehicles in a frantic rush to escape the pursuing cats. Moments later, a separated impala runs back the other way and leaps through the SUV's open window to avoid two cheetahs.

"All of a sudden we saw the impala jump out of the bushes and then someone started screaming 'it is in the car, it is in the car,'" videographer Samantha Pittendrigh told the newspaper.

Tourists opened the door and the dazed impala was able to walk away unharmed.


The Story:

I've hunted with Randy before. He's a big ol' country boy and not afraid to get down and dirty with a hog. We tracked my son's boar one night and had to get busy with a Glock .40. He hog hunts for a living. But the odds caught up to him a few days ago.

He had a few hunters in for a donated hunt for the Leukemia Society (or something like that). Hunter made a bad shot on a big boar with a .300 Win Mag. They went in after him and couldn't find him. Randy had walked the area a couple times. He had the hunter and his wife with him. He climbed up on a fallen pine tree and jumped down to the other side. As soon as he hit the ground the boar was on him.

Randy fought him off for awhile by kicking him but the hog didn't act like most of them (hit you and run off). He just kept charging. And kept charging. And kept charging. Soon Randy was bleeding from the thigh, wrist, and hands. He was losing a lot of blood and finally got pizzed off.

He was able to grab the hog's head and pin him by getting a knee on his neck. He yelled at the hunter several times to shoot the hog. "HURRY UP! I NEED SOME RELIEF!" Finally the guy snapped out of his shock and came up and put the hog down.

Randy started tying off wounds the best he could and got his wife to drive him to the hospital in Crockett. One surgery, 56 stitches, and a whole bunch of antibiotics later...he is back at home recuperating. The doctor said the tusks just barely missed the main artery in his wrist and it would have got real bad, real quick if that got cut.

He said, "I reckon I'll have to start carrying a pistol again". But he said the hog was on him so fast he didn't even see him coming and wouldn't have had time to draw.

I was driving through Centerville, Texas today and decided to call my buddy Randy. He was at the Langley Ranch recovering from getting charged by a 175 lb. boar.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

WD-40 and Squirrels!

I am wondering if this will work the same with raccoons and feeder poles?

Things On My Mind!

  • What happened? I blacked out!!!
  • What a quick Independence Day Weekend/Week, and I don't think I like celebrating that holiday as much as I used to... getting older I guess!
  • I had an awesome looking rattler given to me over the weekend I'm going to have mounted, it isn't the biggest snake, but it is very nice!  On another note, I run outdoors all the time, but have yet to see a snake in the road... I really want to see a snake in the road for some reason!
  • I got my bow stand in this last week and can not wait to hang this thing up!  I highly recommend this brand of tree stand! Grey Ghost
  • The Ducks Unlimited Banquet of Wise County, Texas will be August 3rd and be held at the Decatur Civic Center.  It should be a great time and only $35 to enter which includes all you can eat and drink.  There will also be a big raffle, silent auction, and live auction!
  • And I have to give a shout out to Chase Coffman of Chico, Texas, who always puts the time and effort into making this banquet happen.  It isn't an easy job and he does deserve a pat on the back for keeping this event up and running!
  • I have yet to kill anything with my bow... but that will change soon!
  • If this happened outside of the city limits, between  the first weekend in November and last weekend in January on my place... that would be there death bed! 
  • Have a good is still slow posting with not much hunting taking place during this warm weather.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Texas Game Warden Field Notes

High Speed Internship
A Mitchell County game warden and a Texas Parks and Wildlife summer intern were on patrol late one evening when they heard radio traffic about a subject in the neighboring county firing shots from his vehicle. Nolan County authorities attempted to pull the subject over, which resulted in a multi-agency pursuit. The subject drove into Mitchell County where the Department of Public Safety set up a spike strip; the game warden and intern were set up about 200 yards away from the spikes. The subject was then taken into custody. After the pursuit, authorities began a search for a pistol that was tossed out of the window by the subject; and found it two days later. Speeds during the pursuit ranged from 45 mph to 110 mph. The incident was a result of a family disturbance.

Size Matters
Game wardens from Freestone and Anderson County were patrolling Cedar Creek Lake in Henderson County for water safety and fishing violations when they saw four people fishing from a boat. When the wardens got closer to the boat, they saw a stringer of catfish in the water, and a couple of them seemed to be undersized. The fisherman said they normally fish on Lake Palestine, which has no minimum length on channel or blue catfish. The wardens informed them that the standard length is 12-inch minimum for channel and blue catfish on Cedar Creek. One citation was issued.

BWI on Lake Austin
Four Travis County game wardens were patrolling Lake Austin when they stopped a vessel for a water safety inspection. During the inspection, one of the wardens noticed that the operator showed signs of being intoxicated, so they instructed him to board the patrol boat. After leading the subject though a series of float tests, the wardens saw that the boat contained several empty beer cans. The operator was transported to the shore for a field sobriety test and then taken to the Travis County jail for boating while intoxicated.

Alcohol and Water Don’t Really Mix
A Sabine County game warden was on patrol on Sam Rayburn Reservoir when he saw a boat moving though a restricted area. The warden made contact with the vessel and conducted a water safety inspection. During the inspection, a strong odor of alcohol was coming from the operator. The operator refused on-the-water tests, but he did agree to go to the bank for a field sobriety test, which he failed. The subject was arrested for boating while intoxicated.

Too Many Catfish
Freestone and Anderson County game wardens were patrolling Cedar Creek Lake in Henderson County when they saw two people fishing on a boat. The wardens approached the vessel and asked how the fish were biting. One of the fisherman said, “Not too good, just a few chicken heads.” One of the wardens began to count and measure the catfish that were in the two coolers onboard and found that one of the coolers held 10 undersized catfish and that they were two fish over the 25-fish bag limit. The other cooler contained three undersize catfish and was 14 over the bag limit. Each individual was issued a citation for undersize catfish and for exceeding the bag limit. One subject also received a citation for no fishing license. The illegal fish were confiscated and donated.

And with the Zebra Mussels conspiracy going on, Texas Parks and Wildlife director has signed an Emergency Order adding the West Fork of the Trinity River to the list of water bodies under special regulations to help control the spread of Zebra Mussels, which includes Lake Bridgport, Eagle Mountain, and Worth. It's inevitable... the Zebra has made it's way to North Texas!

And a wall of deer to top it off!

Double Catch

"Thought I hooked a nice fish. Turned out it was two fish on one lure at the same time. Still fun to reel in though!"
-Justin West of Decatur, Texas