Sunday, July 28, 2013

Things On my Mind!

  • Wise County's Annual Ducks Unlimited Banquet is August 3rd - just a reminder.  This year it will be at the Decatur Civic Center, which means it is moving up in the world.
  • I think they are expecting me to take over this event next year, but I am too busy to even think about trying to organize such an event.  But I did receive a call from, who I think is, the North Texas DU Chapter President saying thanks for all the hard work I've done for DU... which was nice, but there is no way I can organize an event like this with my time schedule.
  • Do you like the timer to the right of the screen... countdown till bow season, and it is kind of depressing since it is over 60 days away.
  • Speaking of ducks, we can now harvest 6 teal during teal season.  I think last year it was 4 or 5...I didn't hunt teal season, so I wouldn't know.
  • I had no idea it was even illegal in some counties to have your dog trail a wounded deer.  Now they are making it legal in at least 12 more counties, possibly.
  •  I couldn't help it and bought a new toy!
  • My wife and I have been shooting our bows quite a bit and have had some friends invite us to do a little ASA competition shooting.  We may do it! 
  • Her bow is at Hank Morrow's shop, who owns Pyro Custom Bow Strings, getting a nice black and pink string put on.  He was nice enough to refer us to Texas Hydrographics, which is next door to him, and have them hydrodip her riser in carbon fiber. Really nice guy to go above and beyond for us... and I have only heard great things about his strings!
  • Check my game cameras... got a couple nice ones, but nothing like the one above that was sent to me by a faithful reader. 
  • I have a feeling my wife will kill a deer with her bow this year before I do! Good for her!

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