Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wisconsin Buck Scores 224

Sha Clayton of Paradise killed this big boy in Wisconsin. It scored 224 and was killed with a bow! NICE!

EDIT:  So I log on to facebook today and here is what I see... he is second from the left!
The Dream Team!

EDIT (ANOTHER):  Sha's twin brother, Shawn, was also there and managed to harvest this deer!

Ford F-350 Up For Grabs

My little cousin is selling his ride (Now at a reduced price):

2000 F350 4x4 Diesel w 239k miles, new tires, new transmision w 75k mile warranty, new rear end, been to alaska 8 times so majority of miles are hwy miles. it was my hunting truck and now my 15 yr old son wants a smaller truck. 940-389-9668 Bridgeport, Tx


Weekly Motivational Poster

Thursday, October 25, 2012

World Record Moose Shot!

This video was posted in April 2011, so you might have seen it, but this was my first!

I don't know about you  guys, but that would be one heck of a hunt!  I love a hunt where you heart starts pumping, you s*** yourself, wet yourself, life flashes before your eyes, and then BAM, you let the arrow go!  That has to be on the list of top 10 hunting videos I have ever seen.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

24-Point, 196-Inch Buck Tagged on Ohio's Opening Day

The footsteps Mark Guinther heard two hours into his opening day sit were so soft that he immediately thought, “fawn.” But what he saw underneath his stand was no button buck. There stood a strapping 24-pointer sporting nearly 200 inches of antler.

Now where are all these WIse County Opening Day Bucks I'm suppposed to be getting to post!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tree Rat Commander

I made these 2 squirrel call for Don Singleton and Michael Dobyns both of Decatur. They have hounded me and hounded me to try making some... They sound good, and will probably make a couple more.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Low Fence Trophy Buck

From a forum:
"I have been close to killing 200+ inch deer, so close I could taste it. This is nothing short of spectacular and an absolute BEAST of a deer.....not to mention a BOW KILL. East Texas too. Around Livingston by the Trinity River bottoms, on a 12K acre low fenced Cattle Ranch leased to hunters. Shooters name is AJ Downs.....AKA Capt.Cool in my book.

This guy is pretty much a professional hunter, great guy and one of my best friends knows him well. All I can say is WOW & CONGRATULATIONS."

He needed another year on him... :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

19 Point Bow Kill

Paul Raby of Bridgeport, Texas got himself a freak 19 point in Montague County the other day!

The expression, "Deer in the headlights", seems appropriate for this pic! 

Product Review... Kind Of!

The Meopta Meopix iScoping iPhone Adapter
(Yes, that is really what it's called!)

The MeoPix iScoping adapter is a revolutionary new tool for anyone wanting to capture long-range images and videos. The iScoping adapter slips over the spotting scope or binocular eyepiece - cradling your iPhone 4/4s in perfect alignment to the optic - allowing your iPhone to capture amazing long distance images. You can then use your iPhone for identifying, cataloging and uploading to email or the web the high resolution photos you've just taken. Constructed of injecting molded polycarbonate the MeoPix weighs only a few ounces yet can take the abuse of the hunt. Why drag a large bulky camera into the field? Your iPhone is ready and waiting.

Basically, you put this little iphone case over the eye socket of your binoculars to help it take a picture through the binocs.  Genius! And I'm not joking, I have a lot of friends who send me pictures taken through their binoculars, just like the one below I received last week!
I can't seem to find any pictures of deer taken with this little device, so it is up to you to see if it works or not.  And you can get it at the bargain price of $59.99!