Friday, July 27, 2012

3 Bear Cubs Rescued from Dumpster!

A black bear and her three cubs were caught in a bit of predicament after the youngsters decided to go dumpster diving and were unable to climb out of the bin.

“They know how to open the latch to the dumpster,” Shirley Schenk, who helped rescue the bears, told ABC News. “This mother is notorious in the neighborhood.”

Schenk and her husband Tom, heard the bears crying through the night a couple of weeks ago outside their Ruidoso, N.M. home, and as soon as there was enough light they came to the rescue, armed with a ladder and a pickup truck.

Tom backed the truck up to the dumpster and Shirley lowered the ladder into the dumpster so the cubs could climb out.

“I was not scared,” Shirley Schenk said. “I had my husband driving and I knew we’d drop it and go. … I would have never done that on foot.”
Shirley said they keep a ladder by the garage door for exactly this situation and have used it two other times. While the ladder is used infrequently Shirley told ABC News she sees black bears about twice a week and they are rarely aggressive.
“Any time I see them I just go the other direction on purpose, unless we’re playing rescue ranger,” she said.

CREDIT: Bag of Nothing & ABC News

1 Cast, 1 Fish, 1 Snake

I saw this on Facebook a little while ago and believe this picture was taken at Lake Bridgeport.   Awesome Catch either way!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wise County 2012 Ducks Unlimited Banquet

The 2012 Wise County Ducks Unlimited Banquet is August 11 in the Women's Center at the Wise County Sheriff Posse Grounds in Decatur.  If anyone would like to attend they can send me an e-mail and I can get you a ticket at $35 per person, which also includes:  a BBQ Dinner, all the beer you can drink, and a subscription to DU Magazine for a year.  Also there are plenty of sponsorship items (guns, coolers, calls, decoys, etc...) available if you or your company is interested in sponsoring.  Like last year, there will be a lot of raffle items, a silent auction, and a live auction.  Hope ya'll come out and have a good time!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Texas Game Warden Field Notes

The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports.

If The Shoe Fits… An Ellis County game warden was travelling along I-35 when he witnessed three male subjects pass what appeared to be a marijuana blunt back and forth to each other as they drove. The warden and a deputy constable pulled the car over and the driver and passengers denied smoking and possessing any drugs. After searching the vehicle, the warden found a bag of marijuana stuffed into a shoe box. The driver was arrested for possession of marijuana.

Boat Accident Leads to Intoxication Arrest: A Polk County game warden received a call about a boat accident on Lake Livingston. The warden responded to the scene and, after viewing the subject involved, suspected they were intoxicated. After a sobriety test, the subject consented to a blood draw and was booked at the Polk County Jail.

Something Smells Fishy: A commercial shrimp boat in Aransas Bay was apprehended by an Aransas County game warden, Dewitt County game warden and two cadets for displaying bay plates. After searching the boat, game warden’s found approximately 3,000 non-game fish but not a single shrimp. The captain of the boat had bait plates on board, and was advised that he would be given an opportunity to clear things up. The captain decided not to correct anything, so citations were issued and all non-game fish were removed from the live wells and released back into the water.

Drug Possession on Frio Could Sends Man “Up the River”: A Uvalde County game warden and Kinney county game warden teamed up to patrol the Frio River out of Concan in northern Uvalde County. A subject who was checked near the Frio River was found to be in possession of about eight grams of methamphetamine and a digital scale. A second-degree felony charge was filed for possession with intent to distribute.

Indictment Returned in Deer-Burning Case: In January, a Sabine County game warden issued multiple Class C misdemeanor hunting violations against an individual after finding the burned carcass of a white-tailed deer in the man’s backyard. After a lengthy investigation, the subject admitted to burning the deer carcass to avoid getting caught by game wardens. The deer had been shot illegally off a major highway in Sabine County. The warden presented the case to a Sabine County grand jury, which on July 17 indicted the man for tampering with evidence, a state jail felony.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Goat Man of the Utah Mountains

I just saw this on Yahoo! and laughed my arse off!  Turns out they have been trying to figure out what this goat man was for a while.  Well, they found out...

OGDEN, Utah (AP) — State wildlife officials have identified the man who has been spotted dressed in a goat suit among a herd of wild goats in the mountains of northern Utah.
Phil Douglass of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources said Monday the mystery man is a 57-year-old hunter from Southern California.

Douglass told the Standard-Examiner that the hunter called officials and provided enough information to put their curiosity to rest. Douglass says he didn't ask for a name.

The man told Douglass he was preparing for an archery hunt of mountain goats next year and testing a goat suit. Douglass says the hunter came to Utah because he heard it was easier to get near goats for training.

The man described his suit as a hooded painter's uniform and a fleece.


Monday, July 23, 2012

The Knife Maker

Canova has been making some knives while I've been out of town. He's got them for sale of your interested.

Bear season in New Mexico opens August 15. Mountain lion season is also soon. Same guide as the Carl s lion video I posted earlier.
Eugene Canova
(940) 389-6078

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On Vacation!

Sorry this has taken so long, but I'm on vacation and wont be posting again till next Monday... I should have some good stuff to post, too, so don't think I quit on you guys!

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Friday, July 13, 2012

DTK Waterfowl

I have a buddy who is an outfitter/guide here locally in Wise County who just got his website up and running.  He is hands down one of the best guys you'll ever meet and his hunts don't suck!!!  If you're interested in a duck or goose hunt where you can be home the same night, this is the guy to see.  He is already booking hunts and will fill up before you know it... And he also does dove hunts as well!
Click below for website link
Jason Craig

DTK's Duck Video

DTK's Goose Video

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Texas Seasons Set for Dove, Teal and Canada Geese

AUSTIN — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service SRC (Service Regulations Committee) has approved the 2012-2013 Texas early migratory game bird seasons, including a 70-day season and 15-bird daily bag statewide for dove, a 16-day early season statewide for teal, and 16-day early season for Canada geese in the Eastern Goose Zone.

Texas dove season in the North and Central Dove Zones will run from Saturday, Sept. 1 through Wednesday, Oct. 24 and reopen Saturday, Dec. 22 through Sunday, Jan. 6, with a 15-bird daily bag and not more than two white-tipped doves.
The South Zone dove season will run Friday, Sept. 21 through Sunday, Oct. 28, reopening Saturday, Dec. 22 through Tuesday, Jan. 22 with a 15-bird daily bag and not more than two white-tipped doves.
The Special White-winged Dove Area will be restricted to afternoon-only (noon to sunset) hunting the first two full weekends in September running from Sept. 1-2 and 8-9 and reopen when the regular South Zone season begins on Friday, Sept. 21 through Sunday, Oct. 28 and again from Saturday , Dec. 22 through Friday, Jan. 18. The Special White-winged Dove Area season takes four of the allowable 70 days, so when the regular season opens, this area must close four days earlier than the rest of the South Zone. During the early two weekends, the daily bag limit is 15 birds, to include not more than four mourning doves and 2 white-tipped doves. Once the general season opens, the aggregate bag limit will be 15 with no more than 2 white-tipped doves.

The early teal season will run Sept. 15-30 statewide with a daily bag limit of four teal. The early Canada goose season will also run Sept. 15-30 in the East Goose Zone with a bag limit of three Canada geese. The possession limit is twice the daily bag limit.

It's A Shark!!! OMG a shark!

I know a lot of you guys probably go to Barry's Blog (Liberally Lean), but I stole this one from him anyways just because it is absolutely awesome and hillarious at the same time... you have to replay and listen to the guy filming.

STOLEN FROM: Liberally Lean

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Duck Populations Hit All Time Record!

DUCK POPULATIONS HIT ALL TIME RECORD - Breeding Survey estimates 48.6 million ducks; Mallards at highest level since 1999!!!

North America's total spring duck population is the highest ever recorded, according to the annual Waterfowl Breeding Population and... Habitat Survey.
Conducted each May by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Canadian Wildlife Service, the survey puts the duck population at 48.6 million birds. That represents a 7 percent increase from 2011's record number of 45.6 million. "Although habitat conditions were not ideal for duck reproduction in 2012, the high duck populations stemming from 2011 and reproduction that did occur in 2012 should make for an amazing year" said Matt Choinard, staff biologist for Delta Waterfowl.

"This is the highest duck count since we started the survey in 1955," says Dr. Frank Rohwer, Delta Waterfowl's scientific director. "We had excellent wetland conditions in 2011, the second-highest pond count ever. So last year, we made a pile of ducks. This year, we're counting them."

Mallards, blue-winged teal, green-winged teal, gadwalls, canvasbacks, northern shovelers and scaup are all up significantly from last year, with both species of teal and shovelers at all-time highs. Blue-winged teal are estimated at 9.2 million, green-winged teal number more than 3.4 million and shovelers now top 5 million.

Mallard breeding numbers sit at 10.6 million, a 15 percent increase over 2011 and 40 percent over the long-term average.

Gadwall increased 10 percent over last year, and now total 3.5 million. The population is nearly double the long-term average for gadwalls.

American wigeon are up slightly to 2.1 million, but are still 17 percent below their long-term average.

Scaup numbers are up 21 percent to 5.2 million, the seventh-straight year that the bluebill count has gone up. Scaup are at their highest breeding population since 1991.

Redheads declined slightly to just under 1.3 million, but still registered the second-highest population estimate in the history of the survey. Canvasbacks jumped 10 percent to 760,000, the fourth-highest count on record.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Duck Call & Knives

Ol' Canova is at it again with his knife making...
When do I get one of them?

Duck call I made for the Oregon Waterfowl Festival Call Contest.
Big Leaf Spalted Maple