Friday, July 12, 2013

All About Snakes!

  • Snake have just been on my mind lately...
  • Snakes may have met their match!
  • Snakes may not have met their match!
  • Oklahoma man bitten by cottonmouth while noodling... Ouch!
  • Not sure what kind of snake you have... here is the website to go to! Snakes of Texas
  • Even dogs are having a hard time with snakes...geez! And that is why I went to my friend Dr. Joe at Wise County Animal Clinic this last spring and woolah... got my dog an anti-venom vaccine!
  • Don't stand in flip flops in the middle of a pasture and star gaze while cooking fajitas...EVER!
  • The Canebreak Snake or aka Timber Rattler is the only poisonous snake that is threatened in Texas and you can not kill!


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