Thursday, February 28, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • They sell Tannerite at 2K Pawn in Decatur. That is next on my wish list for the month.
  • While I was there I also noticed, of course, they were low on almost all ammunition, and that they were selling the Emergency Food Supply Kits, like they have on the show Doomsday Preppers
  • I mentioned noodling in my last "Things On My Mind!" post and my buddy, Johnny, over at Rut Country sent me a picture of him a quite a few years ago up in Oklahoma with some pretty nice sized cats.
  • Anyone else still in shock over the size of that Boar that Andrew Gage and Cason Caraway killed?  Biggest pig I've seen shot around here...
  • The 2013 Turkey Contest is getting underway.  I changed up the rules to be more like the hog contest, no pictures for scoring or anything like that.  It has to be brought to us and measured, just to make sure it is fair!  Sign up before March 30th!
  • Do you remember Pigzilla? Here is the whole story on the ginormous pig! I always wondered about that photo... 
  • Nice little 2011 Kubota Diesel ATV for sale on Craigslist... right here in Decatur.  One day!
  • That would be a leucistic turkey in the picture above... rare, but possible!
  • Here's a little state joke...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Is It Really That Big?

When I go to other websites, I notice that there are pictures of some huge fish, hogs, deer, and all sorts of other animals that have been harvested.  I know there are certain ways to make your game look bigger... holding out your arms towards the camera with a fish in hand to make it look like it's as big as your torso, or sitting 5 feet behind a hog to make your head look small compared to the rest of it, or even holding your deer's antlers out a ways to make them look bigger. Let's cut the bull and show your true game for what they are!  Here are a couple pictures I managed to get off some other sites...

Notice the straightened arm technique?
Makes a 3 pounder look like an 8 pounder!

The brains are in the antlers...
Photoshopped through and through!

This one is pretty obvious...

I have never seen a squirrel this big!
Straightened arm technique... with just a little bend!

There's an honest pic...
7 ft. man holding a 150lb. hog with one hand!

See what I mean... just show your game for what it is. Nothing to be ashamed about!  Keep it real and keep sending your pics. Be proud of what you harvest!

Weekly Motivational Poster!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • Something that I don't think is legal in Texas but sure looks like it would be fun!  They legalized noodling, they may legalize this one day
  • Nice little Bobcat stand off in a residential area in Carrollton.  I don't think they are pets...
  • If you can't tell, we are hosting a Spring Turkey Hunting Contest!
  • I have never seen a hog crossing sign before, but I imagine as the hog populations grows, so will the number of signs!
  • This Spring Turkey Contest is going to be pretty fun... I'm looking forward to seeing some pretty big gobblers out there and so far after one day we have about 8 sign ups, which already makes the 1st place about $100.  But seriously, I would rather have the braggin' rights, just like Andrew Gage and Cason Caraway in the Hog Contest.  The money will go away over time, but the braggin' rights of a 399 lb. hog will last forever. Bring on the beards!
  • One of the most popular cliche' dog names, according to another hunting website is "Junior"... and all I can think about is the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when the father calls Indiana Jones "Junior" and then said their dog was named Indiana.  
  • 2nd most popular cliche' dog name is "Drake".
  • Last year, I didn't get to kill a gobbler, but they now call me the Peacock Whisperer!
  • Anyone has anything they want to donate to the 2nd Place winner of the Turkey Contest, please feel free.  I know it will already pay 30% of the entries, but it would be nice to have something turkey related to give them.  You'll get full credit for it, of course.
  • Cabela's 2013 Turkey Hunting Gear - for all you guys gobblin' next month.
  • My Hooded Merganser should be back from Rut Country Taxidermy this week. I'll make sure to post a pic when it arrives.  It is my trophy from last year, but all these guys from Florida that I guided on a duck hunt despised them...

The Hunt For The Big One

Jamie Stone of Decatur saw tracks that changed his life forever. He saw the tracks and followed them knowing they were making what he was after. After countless time and energy through creeks, cactus, hills, and mud... He finally found the big guy and managed to capture him with his bare hands!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Leader in WCHC!

Andrew Gage and Cason Caraway of Decatur, who are also the 2011 winners of this contest, shot this big boy Saturday night with a 257 Weatherby (1 shot).  They found him the next morning and didn't realize he was an almost 400 pound hog till they got to the scales.

399 lbs.

A memorable year for the Wise County Hog Contest!
And it's still not over...

Piggy Perch?

Some swear it's real, but it looks like a photoshop to me... any ideas?

CREDIT:  Dude Briggs w/THF

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hog Hunt Last Night

We decided to head out to kill a hog last night with Chapman Guide Service. I have been itching to shoot one for quite a while now... I was so pumped, I spotted the hog 75 yards away underneath a tree in a full moon with just my binocs. I was so ready to shoot that I just handed my gun away to Kyle Parker to let him shoot... Don't ask me why, but it won't happen again! I watched through the binoculars as they crept about 40-50 yards from it and drop in its tracks, but it was good to know my gun was on the money for future hunts. Weighed in at 260 lbs.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • Here is a recap of the Shot Show 2013
  • There is a new Panoramic game camera by Moultrie called the P-150.  I might have to give this one a try. You can see the better views that this camera gets compared to the others:
  • Alright... I have to admit this, especially since there are so many bow hunters out there.  I have been using a crossbow for archery season instead of a compound. I know, I know, everyone always consider it cheating.  But there is good news... I'm switching to a compound.  I think it's about to get real (harder). 
  • So far so good with anywhere from 14,000 to 15,000 views a month on this website.  My goal is to double within a year after the new site is put up.
  • Things sure have slowed down for the Wise County Hog Contest.  I guess everyone got discouraged when Kasner killed the 332 pound-er.  There is bigger out there guys...
  • Sad to admit:  I have never been to Hunter's Extravaganza!
  • Never really liked eating wild hog, except for the little ones, but these Wild Boar Meatballs might be on my menu soon!
  • If you haven't liked Duck Dynasty on A&E's Facebook page, you should.  They have posted little commercials regarding the new season, and of course they are scripted, but they are hilarious!
  • Slow posting lately! 

First Centerfold!

My wife (Kristin Poynor) took this mature 7pt during archery season this past year.  We had several game camera pics of the buck and I actually had two encounters with him prior to her harvesting him.  She got the bowhunt all on video too and will be posted here as soon as editing is completed.  This is her first write up in a magazine (NBS Outdoors) and I couldn't be more proud as a husband to share this entire expericane with her.  Beleive it our not, this was her first buck with a bow.  She took him with her Bowtech Heartbreaker combo-ed with a Rage Broadhead, he didn't go 70yds!   

Monday, February 18, 2013

Guided Hog Hunt

Earlier in duck season a couple of guys that I was guiding wanted to know where to get a guided hog hunt, so I sent them to my buddy Kory. Well they did their hog hunt Saturday evening and managed to get a 200 pounder, but only wounded a couple others. Not bad for a first time hog hunt!

Ya Gotta Be Quick

Just a little pawn shop story...

  So, a buddy was sitting at the pawn shop, just hanging out on a Monday morning seeing what new guns were in and thinking of buying some bullets for his .223.  He notices a guy, who regularly comes in and can be a real pain in the clerks rear end, checking out this little .22 Marlin with a stainless barrel.  The guy can't decide if he wants the gun or not, and asks if they will hold it for him, which they do not due to store policy, but he keeps on and on about the gun letting everyone in the store know that he wants this gun, even suggesting that he bring his other .22 he has at home up to the store to see if he could get it appraised for a trade.  Finally, he gives up and walks out of the store with out saying a word...
  It was at that moment that my buddy decided to see which gun he was causing so much commotion over.  He decided for $140, he might as well go ahead and buy it on the spot. As he finishes up the paperwork and begins walking in the door he noticed the same man walking back in that caused all the ruckus over the little .22 he just purchased.  The last thing he saw were the man's hands raised up in the air and asking where the gun went-as the door was closing behind him.
Come to find out, the guy just went to the gas station, changed his mind, and came right back to purchase the gun.  It's a nice little .22, shoots great!  

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Little Hog Doggin'

Kyle Parker of Decatur, who is and always has been, an avid Hog Dogger, went out with some friends over the weekend and managed to take down one beast of a boar.

272 lb. Boar

Friday, February 15, 2013

200 lbs. Tannerite Explosion

There is some slight language, but this guy is awesome. I believe he is from Oregon, but just talks with a Russian accent. I'll be posting more of his videos in the next couple of weeks! *slight language warning*



90 Kill Shots With A Bow

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cool Product For The Athletes That Hunt

Happy Valentines Day!

This is what Tres Poynor gave his wife Kristin today... I'm jealous!

Things On My Mind!

  • Ted Nugent sure cleaned himself up at the State of the Union address.
  • I get interviewed tomorrow for the Outdoor Channel's new show, Outdoor Antics.
  • And yes, I am advertising this site on my hat that I will be wearing during the interview!
  • The new website will hopefully be up in a couple of months, and it should be awesome. There will be 2 blogs instead of one, just to leave you guessing... and some other neat things as well. Just make sure you are using instead of the other "" web address.  We will also have for the new site, too.
  • Duck Season is a long ways off...
  • Have you ever heard of an iScope? Seems handy, but may give a little too much light at night time.
  • Realtree, who we all know has quite the selection of different types of camo, just came out with a new pattern Realtree Xtra.
  • If you have an extra 4 grand to spend and are in need of a good deer blind, check out this tree blind!
  • And this still has to be one of my all time favorite pranks, the quality isn't great, but it does the job!
  • There is also a World Predator & Wild Hog Expo and Modern Sporting Arms Expo coming to Waco, Texas from April 19-21 at the Waco Convention Center.  Sounds Fun!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Great New Product For The Late Season Bowhunter


I just found something that is going to the top of my wish list...   RAC-EM-BAC

They also make scented tip arrows that can be deployed from your stand and put out a scent when it busts the broadhead (they have 10 different scents).  There is even a steel shot broadhead that deploys for small game.  I have got to get some...


Weekly Motivation!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Duck Taxidermy

My buddy Johnny over at Rut Country Taxidermy in Boyd sent me these pics of a wood duck he is working on for his show room.  I was always curious about the whole process.  There are a couple of more steps to it, but thought this was good enough... and he makes it look easy!

Gotta skin it!

Feet and legs wired!

Maniquin in place..
needle and thread time!
All sewn up, time for the head!

Head attached!
Base is ready!

Now time to groom, groom and more grooming!

Athletes Hunt

Monday, February 11, 2013

Honorable Mentions

The Wise County Hog Contest has a team that is pretty solid in the lead with 332 lbs., but we still have hog weighing to do...

Casey Hale and Cody Hale
Decatur, Texas
197 lbs.

Andrew Gage and Cason Caraway
(2011 Contest Winners)
202 lbs.

Logan Park of Decatur ran over this little piggy!

Chance Overton and Andrew Applewhite
Decatur, Texas

Cason Caraway of Decatur
"Just a nice young boar!"

Motivation For The Upcoming Shed Season

Friday, February 8, 2013


Now winning the Wise County Hog Contest!

Matt Kasner and Chet Selz of Bridgeport.

2nd Place
Randy DeWebber
276 lbs.

3rd Place
Ethan Horn and Daniel Hutchins

332 lbs. is going to be hard to beat boys!

Freak Nasty Utah Mule Deer

Begin watching at 3:20 mark

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Game Warden Field Notes

More Field Notes coming at ya....

Bloody Mess

A Garza/Lynn County game warden was refueling at a Post gas station when he saw a pickup with a large white-tailed deer rack sticking out of the bed, bathed in blood across the hood and down the fenders and bed rails, pass by and immediately turn into a residential area. The warden quickly stopped the pump and followed. The truck eventually circled the block, giving the warden the impression that they wanted to parade the deer back by him. The warden saw the men act disappointed when they returned to not find the game warden, but surprised when they saw him in their rear view mirror. After checking the two men’s licenses, deer, and tag, multiple citations were issued. Afterwards, the warden asked the men why they had splattered and poured blood all over their truck. The men said that they thought it would look cool. The men also got a lesson in hunting ethics.

Over haul

A Zapata County Game Warden pulled up on a night set when he observed a vehicle traveling in his direction on FM 2687. The warden hadn’t been on the set long before he saw a vehicle shining a spotlight from the road. When the vehicle approached his location, the warden saw the vehicle towing another vehicle. The two trucks kept spotlighting when they drove past the warden’s position and stopped approximately 75 to 100 yards from his position. Two individuals exited the rear truck and ran over and grabbed a buck they had just shot earlier and threw it in the back of the truck. The two vehicles were stopped shortly after, and all four admitted to road hunting. When asked what the deal was with towing the other vehicle, they said after they shot the deer, they sped off and blew the transmission.

•Duck, Duck … Cormorant

A Titus County game warden responded to a trespass call on a large ranch in northern Titus County. When the two hunters from the neighboring ranch were located, they admitted to trespassing and said that they were jumping ducks on the area ponds. One hunter said that they had only shot one duck while trespassing. When the warden asked for the duck, he was told that they did not get the duck because it fell over the high fence inside the deer breeder pens. The bird was recovered from the pens and discovered to be a cormorant. Citations were issued for hunting a protected waterfowl–cormorant, criminal trespass, shooting across property lines, and no hunter safety course.

There were quite a few field notes this go round, so I decided to just post a couple. 

Uncle Ted Strikes Again (Clip)

No matter what you think of Ted Nugent, you gotta love this.  He's a Godfather for our gun rights and is on the front line doin-work!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013