Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • Something that I don't think is legal in Texas but sure looks like it would be fun!  They legalized noodling, they may legalize this one day
  • Nice little Bobcat stand off in a residential area in Carrollton.  I don't think they are pets...
  • If you can't tell, we are hosting a Spring Turkey Hunting Contest!
  • I have never seen a hog crossing sign before, but I imagine as the hog populations grows, so will the number of signs!
  • This Spring Turkey Contest is going to be pretty fun... I'm looking forward to seeing some pretty big gobblers out there and so far after one day we have about 8 sign ups, which already makes the 1st place about $100.  But seriously, I would rather have the braggin' rights, just like Andrew Gage and Cason Caraway in the Hog Contest.  The money will go away over time, but the braggin' rights of a 399 lb. hog will last forever. Bring on the beards!
  • One of the most popular cliche' dog names, according to another hunting website is "Junior"... and all I can think about is the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when the father calls Indiana Jones "Junior" and then said their dog was named Indiana.  
  • 2nd most popular cliche' dog name is "Drake".
  • Last year, I didn't get to kill a gobbler, but they now call me the Peacock Whisperer!
  • Anyone has anything they want to donate to the 2nd Place winner of the Turkey Contest, please feel free.  I know it will already pay 30% of the entries, but it would be nice to have something turkey related to give them.  You'll get full credit for it, of course.
  • Cabela's 2013 Turkey Hunting Gear - for all you guys gobblin' next month.
  • My Hooded Merganser should be back from Rut Country Taxidermy this week. I'll make sure to post a pic when it arrives.  It is my trophy from last year, but all these guys from Florida that I guided on a duck hunt despised them...

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