Thursday, February 7, 2013

Game Warden Field Notes

More Field Notes coming at ya....

Bloody Mess

A Garza/Lynn County game warden was refueling at a Post gas station when he saw a pickup with a large white-tailed deer rack sticking out of the bed, bathed in blood across the hood and down the fenders and bed rails, pass by and immediately turn into a residential area. The warden quickly stopped the pump and followed. The truck eventually circled the block, giving the warden the impression that they wanted to parade the deer back by him. The warden saw the men act disappointed when they returned to not find the game warden, but surprised when they saw him in their rear view mirror. After checking the two men’s licenses, deer, and tag, multiple citations were issued. Afterwards, the warden asked the men why they had splattered and poured blood all over their truck. The men said that they thought it would look cool. The men also got a lesson in hunting ethics.

Over haul

A Zapata County Game Warden pulled up on a night set when he observed a vehicle traveling in his direction on FM 2687. The warden hadn’t been on the set long before he saw a vehicle shining a spotlight from the road. When the vehicle approached his location, the warden saw the vehicle towing another vehicle. The two trucks kept spotlighting when they drove past the warden’s position and stopped approximately 75 to 100 yards from his position. Two individuals exited the rear truck and ran over and grabbed a buck they had just shot earlier and threw it in the back of the truck. The two vehicles were stopped shortly after, and all four admitted to road hunting. When asked what the deal was with towing the other vehicle, they said after they shot the deer, they sped off and blew the transmission.

•Duck, Duck … Cormorant

A Titus County game warden responded to a trespass call on a large ranch in northern Titus County. When the two hunters from the neighboring ranch were located, they admitted to trespassing and said that they were jumping ducks on the area ponds. One hunter said that they had only shot one duck while trespassing. When the warden asked for the duck, he was told that they did not get the duck because it fell over the high fence inside the deer breeder pens. The bird was recovered from the pens and discovered to be a cormorant. Citations were issued for hunting a protected waterfowl–cormorant, criminal trespass, shooting across property lines, and no hunter safety course.

There were quite a few field notes this go round, so I decided to just post a couple. 

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