Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Things On My Mind!

Kory Chapman may have started the Wise County Hog Contest,
he can't hunt in the contest, but it doesn't mean he can't hunt hogs!
  • Changes coming soon...I like it (and not the Obama type changes either)!
  • Bout to get licensed to score deer through the SCI method so we can have some on hand people to help with the Wise County Big Buck Competition.  I have a feeling it will start slow and then get bigger in a couple years.  At least we will have online sign-ups for the surrounding county folk who want to enter.
  • There have been some huge hogs weighed for the hog contest and I know they will just keep getting bigger.
  • I don't think we are going to do a predator competition next year.  Haven't really gotten any good feedback on it so far!
  • The former leaders in the hog competition killed their hog a with .45 caliber pistol (10 bullet holes)! That's all you need to know about that!
  • Like I said, big changes coming soon!
  • I had a buddy invite me redfishing and I'm thinking I'm going to have to try it out, and probably video it.  From what I hear, if you don't know what "rayguards" are... you better find out before you ever go!
  • A buddy keeps telling me you can rent the thermal vision scopes for $300 a weekend. 
  • I may be on the new show Outdoor Antics on the Outdoor Channel in April... they e-mailed, I said "yes", they said send us your video, I said"ok", they said we need an interview, I said "awesome".  I'm sure I will get torn to pieces on this new show, but hey, I'm still on TV and have an oppurtunity to put this web address on there for the entire hunting nation to see!
  • I think I may actually try and kill a hog this weekend... peace out!

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