Monday, February 18, 2013

Ya Gotta Be Quick

Just a little pawn shop story...

  So, a buddy was sitting at the pawn shop, just hanging out on a Monday morning seeing what new guns were in and thinking of buying some bullets for his .223.  He notices a guy, who regularly comes in and can be a real pain in the clerks rear end, checking out this little .22 Marlin with a stainless barrel.  The guy can't decide if he wants the gun or not, and asks if they will hold it for him, which they do not due to store policy, but he keeps on and on about the gun letting everyone in the store know that he wants this gun, even suggesting that he bring his other .22 he has at home up to the store to see if he could get it appraised for a trade.  Finally, he gives up and walks out of the store with out saying a word...
  It was at that moment that my buddy decided to see which gun he was causing so much commotion over.  He decided for $140, he might as well go ahead and buy it on the spot. As he finishes up the paperwork and begins walking in the door he noticed the same man walking back in that caused all the ruckus over the little .22 he just purchased.  The last thing he saw were the man's hands raised up in the air and asking where the gun went-as the door was closing behind him.
Come to find out, the guy just went to the gas station, changed his mind, and came right back to purchase the gun.  It's a nice little .22, shoots great!  

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