Friday, February 22, 2013

First Centerfold!

My wife (Kristin Poynor) took this mature 7pt during archery season this past year.  We had several game camera pics of the buck and I actually had two encounters with him prior to her harvesting him.  She got the bowhunt all on video too and will be posted here as soon as editing is completed.  This is her first write up in a magazine (NBS Outdoors) and I couldn't be more proud as a husband to share this entire expericane with her.  Beleive it our not, this was her first buck with a bow.  She took him with her Bowtech Heartbreaker combo-ed with a Rage Broadhead, he didn't go 70yds!   

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  1. I wish I could brag that my wife was the centerfold in a magazine!