Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Is It Really That Big?

When I go to other websites, I notice that there are pictures of some huge fish, hogs, deer, and all sorts of other animals that have been harvested.  I know there are certain ways to make your game look bigger... holding out your arms towards the camera with a fish in hand to make it look like it's as big as your torso, or sitting 5 feet behind a hog to make your head look small compared to the rest of it, or even holding your deer's antlers out a ways to make them look bigger. Let's cut the bull and show your true game for what they are!  Here are a couple pictures I managed to get off some other sites...

Notice the straightened arm technique?
Makes a 3 pounder look like an 8 pounder!

The brains are in the antlers...
Photoshopped through and through!

This one is pretty obvious...

I have never seen a squirrel this big!
Straightened arm technique... with just a little bend!

There's an honest pic...
7 ft. man holding a 150lb. hog with one hand!

See what I mean... just show your game for what it is. Nothing to be ashamed about!  Keep it real and keep sending your pics. Be proud of what you harvest!

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  1. I heard gobblers this morning!