Monday, December 31, 2012

Kill A Crow - Save A Duck

Where their ranges overlap, crows severely impact the annual waterfowl populations. When the hens begin laying, crows break open and eat the eggs. Later they will return and devour the fledglings. In the 40's a biological survey was conducted that really shows the damage crows can cause to the waterfowl in the Canadian "Duck Factory". It was shown that crows in close proximity to duck nesting areas took an average of 110 to 120 eggs or fledglings per crow per year, approximately 20,000,000 ducks. During the same year, sportsman only took 11,000,000 ducks. A common slogan of the time was "Kill a crow, Save a duck". At a time when waterfowl seasons are being dramatically reduced and even canceled, the survival rate of waterfowl at their breeding grounds is paramount. Shooting crows can make a real difference. Crows also take a heavy toll on upland game birds, including direct responsibility for at least 4 1/2 percent nest depredation on ruffed grouse and in California crows have been implicated in the endangerment of the Mojave desert tortoise. They also prey on small mammals such as rabbits and squirrels and have been known to kill prey as large as newborn lambs.

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CREDIT:  Four Curl Nation

Bridgeport Buck - West Texas Goat

Robby Shinn of Bridgeport shot this nice 10 point the other day.

And on another note...
My little cousin, Raby, shot this goat, sheep, pet, or whatever you want to call it, in West Texas a couple of days ago.  I have no idea what it is called...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wise County Buck

Trace Hardee harvested this nice 8 point here in Wise County a couple days ago.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Another Big Wise County Buck

Tracey Stephens of Decatur shot this big guy in Wise County. There are a lot of big Wise County bucks being taken this year... And it seems the girls have the upper hand over the boys this year!

Things On My Mind!

  • Wow, what a cold front!
  • My family has scheduled an early Christmas morning get together, just like every year, so everyone could go hunting afterwards. 
  • I didn't hunt Christmas Day!
  • You haven't really experienced the holidays until you go to Walmart around noon on Christmas Eve...
  • Whitetail season is almost over... bummer! Seems like it just started up not to long ago!
  • Wise County Hog Contest will be starting soon.  If you are wanting to sign up you can call Kory Chapman (940) 210-9907. $100 per team (2 man). Winner takes 50% of all entery fees!
  • Ponds had an inch of ice on them yesterday morning... didn't make it very easy to get ducks off of them, even with a dog.
  • Cabelas has there Employee Discount Pricing Special going on... hope you got the coupon in the mail!
  • I could sure go for one of those rigs in the picture up there. Actually, I probably just be happy with an ATV of any kind!
  • Love, Peace, and Hair Grease!

Thursday, December 27, 2012


DTK Waterfowl always has a limit of birds down. Almost 600 ducks down for the year, and not one of those was banded. But our time will come!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Big Wise County Buck

"Dena Beard ,Chistmas eve with a .270 near Balsora.She is the one that had a poacher shoot the deer in front of her trail camera last year.Had a small drop point broken off also.Loves to hunt!"

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Jack County Javelina!

Clint Wolf of Bridgeport killed this javelina on his place in Jacksboro today. He saw 3 of them a few weeks ago but just one came in today.

Couple Pre-Christmas Hunts!

DTK Waterfowl and there group got a nice limit!
Along the way, someone forgot the key!

Sean Simpson of Bridgeport
"South Texas Buck"

Josh Blaylock of Bridgeport
"Gadwalls Galore"

Chapman Crew of Decatur, TX
"Cade Montgomery's first duck hunt"

Jamie Branscum of Bridgeport, TX
"Shot on the run"

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fair Fight?

I have seen bucks attack a dead deer (via YouTube), but never when people were around! Gun shot doesn't even phase him!

Credit:  3

Mexico Buck

Michael Read of Bridgeport killed this in Ol Mexico this morning.
Only 181 6/8

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ridgeway Wisconsin Buck

Here's the 8 point buck, longest tine is 17 inches. It's already insured for $10,000.00 and in a vault. Rough estimate of the deer's age by the DNR is 3½ years old, Boone and Crockett representative is scheduled to score the rack in about 40 days, buck shot on opening day. Trail camera pic's started to show up after the buck was shot; no one talked about it prior to the kill (imagine that). I work with Tom (at Lands End), after he shot it he said he couldn't hardly talk without stammering like an idiot, he thought he only won the Lands End buck contest $60.00, until somebody offered him $2000.00 and a new rifle at the registration station. The drop tine is longer than a roll of paper towels (about 13-14 inches) and the buck died with its head upright, the drop tine stuck in the ground holding the buck's head up as though it was still alive and not dead. That kinda freaked Tom out until he realized it was truly dead. Buck was shot with a .270. He's been fielding calls nationwide concerning the buck, somebody took a photo of the buck hanging out of his Saturn when he was en-route to the registration station (found out his name and address from his license plate). Tom said it took four guys to load the thing into his Saturn; he had to call for help. The buck was shot on private land near Ridgeway, ironically the land is for sale now..... Tom had it at the shop for a couple of days; it is an amazing rack of a lifetime.

Green Scored 201 and has 17" G2s. Scored 180 net as a typical 8 which is 2
inches shy of the world record. Shot just south of Ridgeway, WI.

Buck N Hog

Shane Funk of Bridgeport took this management buck at a
 ranch in Old Mexico this past weekend!

Jason Holley of Bridgeport got a huge boar with a bow.
Nice cutters on him too!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Couple Weekend Hunts

This was supposed to be posted last week...never made it!

The Chapman Crew of Decatur
Drake Harper of Decatur, Texas

  • And in other news... I don't know how many of you guys goose or duck hunt, but those of you who do may know who Jeff Foiles might be.  I know I have one of his goose calls.  He won't be popular much longer!
  • I also have heard rumor of a famous duck guide from Denton area who might have gotten arrested in North Dakota on theft.  He supposedly failed to show up at the airport to pick up his crew, which had already paid to be guided, without the intention to, especially since he didn't have a guide license for North Dakota. (Developing Story - it hits a little close to home!)  This guide is pretty famous for standing up his clients and keeping the money with no refund.
  • I also heard rumor of someone shooting there foot while in the deerstand in Bridgeport the other day. A safety switch is very important!
  • Do you think the Game Warden would give you a ticket for a buck with a 12 & 3/4 wide spread?
  • For some reason when I google "Hunting Accidents" the name Dick Cheney pops up first! What a way to be remembered.
  • Does anyone else do any kind of hunting around here.  I'm surprised not many people send me there stuff anymore... I mean come on, I'm having to type stuff up these days.

Scooter Chapman of Runaway Bay, TX

Rise Of The Hoodie!

It is strange, I have duck hunted for a couple years and have never killed a Hooded Merganser till this past weekend.  At the same time I harvested mine, Jason (another guide) was guiding another hunt 25 miles away and managed to harvest 7 with his group!  Then I hear from another friend today that his son hopped a tank with 18 or so on it and managed to get one there.  He said he has 2 other tanks with more than 10 Mergansers in it.  Some people don't care for this specie of  duck, but I find them fascinating.  The guys I guided when I shot mine didn't care for it at all because they were from Florida and supposedly kill them all the time. I guess they are slowly but surely making there way here, but then again, Hurricane Sandy could have had something to do with it.
"7 Hooded Mergansers"

Monday, December 17, 2012

Big 8 Point

Brian Stephens took his daughter Sara Stephens of Decatur deer hunting Sunday morning in Wise County...she did very well! That will make you proud!!! Congrats Sara!

Duck Hunt Turned Deer Hunt!

From an e-mail:

Alan shot this buck out of his duck blind with #3 , 12 gauge duck shot yesterday A.M., hunting over a cut rice field in Garwood, less than 1 hour west of Houston.

He and 2 other guys were in a duck blind sitting on the edge of a levy, with a dry field behind them. Alan had just shot a goose that came in over their spread, and it fell in the dry field about 250 yards behind them

As Alan was walking back the blind, Richard and his friend where waving their arms at Alan as he was approaching the blind. They quietly said, HEY, there is a buck walking our way down the edge of the Levy in the water.

Alan quickly got in the Blind, and the buck kept coming. All Alan had was his shotgun with #3 duck loads in it. When the buck got within 20 feet of the blind, Alan stuck the nose of his shotgun out of the blind, shot, and the buck dropped.

This buck scored a hair under 168, had an inside spread of 20 inches, a split brow tine, and a drop tine, and is probably the largest free ranging buck shot in Colorado County. They just do not grow that big in that area..

What A Weekend!


  • I'm a little late posting today, but definetly needed the sleep.
  • Some friends can fall into the biggest pile of $*** and still come out smelling like a rose. This friend ended up buying a monster buck hunt in South Texas off a guy that won the hunt during a golf tournament... my buddy offered the guy $300 for the trip and he took it! Can't kill anything less than a 10 point or under 18 inches wide on 7500 acres!  Gotta see it to shoot it, billy!
  • Again, I guided 2 more hunts for DTK Waterfowl, and I'm absolutely loving it!  The first day I was guiding 7 guys and we killed 34 or so (top pic.).  The second day I took 3 guys, a father and 2 sons, and they were a great group as well (2nd pic). We limited out with 24 ducks total plus a nice Canvasback Bull, Mallard Drake, and my favorite of the day, a Hooded Merganser (pic below). 
  • In the beginning of the first hunt on Saturday, one of the clients had a phone call that his 2 Golden Retreivers got into a fight and in the mix of it all his wife was bitten and broke her arm.  She told him to stay put while she went to the ER, which I thought she was really being a trooper for her husband!
  • The Wise County Hog Contest is not too far off...
  • Did y'all see the pic of the other Wise County Buck I posted... I thought that was a huge drop tine he had, but now I'm starting to believe it's a log to help hold his head up!
  • Liberally Lean has been kind of nice and linking to my site here quite a bit... I don't know if he likes the site of not, I still haven't made it to his "Inferior Blog List".  I don't take him for much of a hunter, but I'm sure he grew up with a little hunting in him, he is from Wise County.
  • I'll be posting a duck hunt turned Deer hunt story in just a bit...
Took him straight to the taxidermist!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Big Wise County Buck

Harvested by Justin West of Decatur near Cottondale Thursday night. Nice drop tine!!!

Ducks and More Ducks!

Single guided hunt by DTK Waterfowl
Monday morning

4 Man limit guided hunt by DTK Waterfowl
 Tuesday morning
"20 min. hunt"

Another 4 Man hunt guided by DTK Waterfowl
Wednesday Morning

Fun Hunt for Friday Morning!

The Chapman Crew
Friday Morning Hunt
4 Man Limit

Killer Whales of Fresh Water

I knew catfish would eat quite a few different things, but didn't expect this...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wise County Buck

Chase Chapman of Decatur, Tx

"Taken this morning!"

Hogs and More!

Matt Kasner of Bridgeport, Tx

Scooter Chapman of Runaway Bay, Texas
"Worlds Largest Porcupine"

"Grey Fox"