Monday, December 10, 2012

Things On My Mind!

  • What a weekend! Still no rain! NERVOUS!
  • Here's a first: I actually guided 2 duck hunts over the weekend for DTK Waterfowl.  Turned out pretty good! A grandfather took his 2 grandkids out with me on Saturday (top pic), then Sunday I took another group of 2 (bottom pic)!
  • My dog was a little upset, I left him in the truck for the Saturday hunt... you could hear him for miles away! I let him out after the hunt and he did his job very well! I was one happy camper! Sunday's hunt he was making 120 yard or more retrieves in the water; I was very, very, pleased!
  • Still shocked I killed a deer this year!
  • That's my dog in the 2nd picture, too (Echo)!
  • The wife is slowly but surely becoming a doomsday prepper... she wants to load up on as much ammunition, guns, reloading equipment as we can possibly afford. I didn't argue one bit!  She hasn't mentioned a thing about storing up on food, water, etc. Oh Well, we got guns though, woohoo!
  • Shotguns: The Best Felon Killing Home Defense Tool Ever Made
  • Snow...Not rain, but snow! Seriously?  At least the cold front will get the wildlife moving around a bit! Yesterday I didn't wear any insulated clothing while I was guiding the hunt and I was still sweating, today I'm wearing as many layers as possible and still cold!
  • DTK has a Facebook page, I had no idea!
  • The Annual Wise County Hog Contest is coming up soon! I bet some of you guys are excited... All I can say is it starts the day after duck season is over! They flyers will be out pretty quick!
  • I'm done!

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