Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ridgeway Wisconsin Buck

Here's the 8 point buck, longest tine is 17 inches. It's already insured for $10,000.00 and in a vault. Rough estimate of the deer's age by the DNR is 3½ years old, Boone and Crockett representative is scheduled to score the rack in about 40 days, buck shot on opening day. Trail camera pic's started to show up after the buck was shot; no one talked about it prior to the kill (imagine that). I work with Tom (at Lands End), after he shot it he said he couldn't hardly talk without stammering like an idiot, he thought he only won the Lands End buck contest $60.00, until somebody offered him $2000.00 and a new rifle at the registration station. The drop tine is longer than a roll of paper towels (about 13-14 inches) and the buck died with its head upright, the drop tine stuck in the ground holding the buck's head up as though it was still alive and not dead. That kinda freaked Tom out until he realized it was truly dead. Buck was shot with a .270. He's been fielding calls nationwide concerning the buck, somebody took a photo of the buck hanging out of his Saturn when he was en-route to the registration station (found out his name and address from his license plate). Tom said it took four guys to load the thing into his Saturn; he had to call for help. The buck was shot on private land near Ridgeway, ironically the land is for sale now..... Tom had it at the shop for a couple of days; it is an amazing rack of a lifetime.

Green Scored 201 and has 17" G2s. Scored 180 net as a typical 8 which is 2
inches shy of the world record. Shot just south of Ridgeway, WI.

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