Friday, December 7, 2012

Game Warden Field Notes

This is a long Article, so I'm just going to post a couple and give you a link to the rest...

•Lubbock County Game Warden Mallory Brodrick received a call Nov. 20 from a landowner who reported discovering a deer head, a dead chicken, and an altar surrounded by very bright lights were on an adjacent property.
When she arrived at the scene, Warden Brodrick was greeted by the caller and two Lubbock Police Department officers.
Turns out, there was, indeed, an altar with lights, a timer, and lock boxes with cameras inside continually snapping photos of the feast of raw, dead animals.
To Warden Brodrick’s surprise, the white-tailed deer head was tagged with a completed deer tag from a Texas hunting license. But the tag was for a mule deer, not a whitetail.
After Brodrick tracked down and interviewed the hunter named on the deer tag, she discovered the altar was actually an art project by a separate individual who was an art graduate student at Texas Tech University.
A citation was issued along with serious suggestions about posting signage warning “Art in Progress-Do Not Disturb.”

•Comanche County Game Warden Mike Alexander on Nov. 16 stopped a large ATV spotlighting on a county road at 9:00 p.m.
The ATV held six people dressed in camo – the three in the front had loaded rifles between their legs, and one subject in the back was working the spotlight.
There were more guns, ammo, and beer in the back.
None of the subjects had a hunting license, and all said they didn’t think that you needed one just to hunt coyotes.
They also seemed surprised when told that you can’t hunt from a public road and asked if that is a new law.
Multiple cases were filed.

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