Monday, December 17, 2012

What A Weekend!


  • I'm a little late posting today, but definetly needed the sleep.
  • Some friends can fall into the biggest pile of $*** and still come out smelling like a rose. This friend ended up buying a monster buck hunt in South Texas off a guy that won the hunt during a golf tournament... my buddy offered the guy $300 for the trip and he took it! Can't kill anything less than a 10 point or under 18 inches wide on 7500 acres!  Gotta see it to shoot it, billy!
  • Again, I guided 2 more hunts for DTK Waterfowl, and I'm absolutely loving it!  The first day I was guiding 7 guys and we killed 34 or so (top pic.).  The second day I took 3 guys, a father and 2 sons, and they were a great group as well (2nd pic). We limited out with 24 ducks total plus a nice Canvasback Bull, Mallard Drake, and my favorite of the day, a Hooded Merganser (pic below). 
  • In the beginning of the first hunt on Saturday, one of the clients had a phone call that his 2 Golden Retreivers got into a fight and in the mix of it all his wife was bitten and broke her arm.  She told him to stay put while she went to the ER, which I thought she was really being a trooper for her husband!
  • The Wise County Hog Contest is not too far off...
  • Did y'all see the pic of the other Wise County Buck I posted... I thought that was a huge drop tine he had, but now I'm starting to believe it's a log to help hold his head up!
  • Liberally Lean has been kind of nice and linking to my site here quite a bit... I don't know if he likes the site of not, I still haven't made it to his "Inferior Blog List".  I don't take him for much of a hunter, but I'm sure he grew up with a little hunting in him, he is from Wise County.
  • I'll be posting a duck hunt turned Deer hunt story in just a bit...
Took him straight to the taxidermist!

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  1. If it has to do with guns, probably not. Especially today, he has his bleeding liberal heart shirt on.