Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rise Of The Hoodie!

It is strange, I have duck hunted for a couple years and have never killed a Hooded Merganser till this past weekend.  At the same time I harvested mine, Jason (another guide) was guiding another hunt 25 miles away and managed to harvest 7 with his group!  Then I hear from another friend today that his son hopped a tank with 18 or so on it and managed to get one there.  He said he has 2 other tanks with more than 10 Mergansers in it.  Some people don't care for this specie of  duck, but I find them fascinating.  The guys I guided when I shot mine didn't care for it at all because they were from Florida and supposedly kill them all the time. I guess they are slowly but surely making there way here, but then again, Hurricane Sandy could have had something to do with it.
"7 Hooded Mergansers"

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