Monday, December 17, 2012

Duck Hunt Turned Deer Hunt!

From an e-mail:

Alan shot this buck out of his duck blind with #3 , 12 gauge duck shot yesterday A.M., hunting over a cut rice field in Garwood, less than 1 hour west of Houston.

He and 2 other guys were in a duck blind sitting on the edge of a levy, with a dry field behind them. Alan had just shot a goose that came in over their spread, and it fell in the dry field about 250 yards behind them

As Alan was walking back the blind, Richard and his friend where waving their arms at Alan as he was approaching the blind. They quietly said, HEY, there is a buck walking our way down the edge of the Levy in the water.

Alan quickly got in the Blind, and the buck kept coming. All Alan had was his shotgun with #3 duck loads in it. When the buck got within 20 feet of the blind, Alan stuck the nose of his shotgun out of the blind, shot, and the buck dropped.

This buck scored a hair under 168, had an inside spread of 20 inches, a split brow tine, and a drop tine, and is probably the largest free ranging buck shot in Colorado County. They just do not grow that big in that area..

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  1. I shot a big 4x4 whitetail in Sidney, mt a few years ago with a 3 inch federal #2 waterfowl load at 20yds and man that load dropped him like a rock. Waterfowl loads when used at the proper range can drop anything up to deer sized game.