Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Couple Weekend Hunts

This was supposed to be posted last week...never made it!

The Chapman Crew of Decatur
Drake Harper of Decatur, Texas

  • And in other news... I don't know how many of you guys goose or duck hunt, but those of you who do may know who Jeff Foiles might be.  I know I have one of his goose calls.  He won't be popular much longer!
  • I also have heard rumor of a famous duck guide from Denton area who might have gotten arrested in North Dakota on theft.  He supposedly failed to show up at the airport to pick up his crew, which had already paid to be guided, without the intention to, especially since he didn't have a guide license for North Dakota. (Developing Story - it hits a little close to home!)  This guide is pretty famous for standing up his clients and keeping the money with no refund.
  • I also heard rumor of someone shooting there foot while in the deerstand in Bridgeport the other day. A safety switch is very important!
  • Do you think the Game Warden would give you a ticket for a buck with a 12 & 3/4 wide spread?
  • For some reason when I google "Hunting Accidents" the name Dick Cheney pops up first! What a way to be remembered.
  • Does anyone else do any kind of hunting around here.  I'm surprised not many people send me there stuff anymore... I mean come on, I'm having to type stuff up these days.

Scooter Chapman of Runaway Bay, TX

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