Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Things On My Mind!

  • Bob Costas sure threw out some negativity during the Cowboy's halftime show.  I don't really like his point of view!  Ted Nugent had a couple of nice little Twitter comments to fuel the fire.
  • There was a lot of luck this past week for some hunters...
  • I would take luck over skill any day, but skill never leaves your side.
  • If you haven't noticed, there are plenty of dead deer on the side of the highway, doesn't matter what highway, they're there, just look in the ditch!
  • Duck season starts backfor North Texas this Saturday... I will let my hunting commence!
  • Took my dog Echo back to the vet! He is finally out of the "cone of shame" and ready to let his retrieving commence!
  • Commence - v. com·menced, com·menc·ing, com·menc·es. To begin; start. v.intr. To enter upon or have a beginning; start.  I like that word!
  •  Tomorrow will be the final Duck Dynasy Episode of 2012.  But it is going to be an hour long holiday special.  I have no idea when it will start back...
  • My granddad sent me a pretty cool buck fight on YouTube.  Very entertaining!
  • I've thought about putting together a Facebook page for stuff like this, but talked my self out of it.  I rather just go to a solid website and see what all is going on then have to deal with going through all the Facebook nonsense!
  • I'm done!

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  1. Keep it up I like your thoughts better than Mr. LL !