Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Clock Is Ticking!

It will not be long now and the new page will be underway.  Thought I would share with you guys a couple things about the new site that you may or may not like.

  1. The layout is really different.  It is a pretty busy website with a lot of information on it, but is also made easy to navigate.
  2. There is a forum for everyone to post the pictures, videos, point of views, tips,  and for sale items.  If you would like you can post the pictures on the forum, or send them to us via e-mail for our Home Page and we may do a write up on you as well.  This is all free, so please feel free to use it all the time!  This forum is also made to post pictures directly from your computer without the use of photobucket, imageshack, or any other hosting website, so you should really like its ease of use.
  3. You will have to sign up for the Forum with a valid e-mail address and password... just like any other forum.
  4. We will be having a Big Buck Competition this year, and it is only limited to Wise County, Texas.  Since this is it's first year, we are keeping it small and do not want to get in over our heads this year.  If you would like to sign up, just wait a week and it will all be on the new site. $60/person and pays 3 places with a mount for 1st place, and deer processing for 2nd Place. Details next week.
  5. Share the site... the more people that come to the site and use the forum, the more we will all get out of the site, including some nice giveaways...
  6. Once the new site is up, we will not be posting to this site anymore.  We will leave a last post to direct everyone to the new site in case they end up here.
  7. Here is a little preview I posted on our new Facebook Page, which is also something we added.  If you like the Facebook Page (ad on top left), it will also keep you updated with the new site, let you know when contests are starting up, give you a chance at some giveaways, and keep you up to date with new posts :)

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