Monday, September 9, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • Hog Cheese! Sounds strange right? Well I used it this weekend to see if it would attract this huge hog that has been terrorizing my deer! It is made of fermented peanuts and will make you sick just smelling it.
    See the brown spot... Hog Cheese! I could smell it while I was up top!
  • Well you don't see me posting a picture of the beast do you? I watched 2 does and a fawn get close, sniff it, then run up wind like a bear was chasing them.  Not making that mistake again!
  • The hog came close, but not in bow range.  I also had about 15 turkeys come grazing through my site... I did get a nice little panoramic pic while I was napping in my stand!
    Click to enlarge!
  • The new GoPro works like a champ... I will post some video of the hunt later on today.
  • With the new website about to launch I may want to get all of my material ready... I'm a little nervous, but think it will all be easy to use in less than a week.
  • Here's a nice little article about Duck Hunting on a budget. For all you deer hunters than don't duck hunt, just wanted to let you know it is just as costly!
  • After we get a couple sponsors on the new site we're going to have a nice little giveaway contest for everyone that signs up for the forum.  It is a free forum, but we are also going to be offering a "Supporting Membership" and some other odd and end things...
  • Of course we will have sign ups for the Wise County Hog Contest and the Turkey Contest on there as well, with the addition of the Big Buck Contest as well.
  • And to all of you who didn't try my mojo set up for dove season... you missed out.  Yesterday, we shot a mojo because the dove tried to land in the middle of them.
  • Here's a nice dove recipe I think I may try after my next hunt!

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