Friday, March 22, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • 29% (750,000) of the wild hog population in Texas was eradicated last year... and it wasn't enough.  Now they are going to use what they call a "Judas Pig".  Interesting, and curious to see how it will work.
  • Don't take feral hogs across Texas State lines, and don't bring them in either!  This guy wanted to raise a hog to be like "Hogzilla".
  • That photo up above cracked me up... I'm sure there are those out there that truly take this photo to heart and have shed tears over it!
  • Now that the logo is done, the new website should be up and running soon.  It's going to have all sorts of new features, including a forum... you guys can just post your pics in it and of course we will still have the blogs.
  • I never would have thought that hogs would have been a reason for quail becoming a more rare bird.  There are some other things in this article I would not have thought.  Of course, fire ants are at the top of the list.
  • Only 7 more days to sign up for the Turkey Contest! I think it's going to be a better turnout than what I expected!
  • Good for Montana, but in Texas, we have limitations... and all I can think about is the Simpson's character, Cletus!
  • If you're interested there is a Turkey Calling Contest at Cabela's in Allen, Texas tomorrow at 1 p.m.... it seems like a good time to just go and watch!

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