Saturday, March 30, 2013


A total of 37 teams sign of for THG's Spring Turkey Contest and that means it is time to start scoring some birds.  I took the weekend off from turkey hunting just to make sure I could measure some birds.  Here is a list of the team names that signed up for the contest.  There are some pretty good ones!  Once a bird is measured and pictures are taken I will be posting the ranks on this website with team name and full names with where you are from.  Get ready, it's going to be a fun contest!

  1. Head Shot
  2. Face Full of 4's
  3. P.T.D.
  4. Thunder Chickens
  5. Timon & Pumba
  6. Long Beards
  7. Gobbler Getters
  8. Beard Collectors
  9. Beard Draggers
  10. Ironclad
  11. ROC
  12. Parker County Turkey Thugs
  13. Ground Draggers
  14. The Feather Sprayer
  15. PVB Outdoors
  16. Canova
  17. Outlaws
  18. Gobble Gobble
  19. Turkey Trackers
  20. Top Shelf
  21. Howboutcha Outdoors
  22. Fastcenter Thunder Chickens
  23. Cluck, Cluck, Boom!
  24. Poindexter
  25. Rose Ranch
  26. No Name K&D
  27. Turkey Dynasty
  28. Gob Stoppers
  29. The Feather Duster
  30. C-Squared
  31. Hard Rock
  32. Team A-Rant
  33. Billy Rabbit 007
  34. The Gobbler Hobblers
  35. Under Par
  36. Joe Neil's
  37. In-Clined-Hunt

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