Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 Wise County Hog Contest - FINAL RESULTS

1st Place
Andrew Gage & Cason Caraway
399 lb. Boar
$4050 Grand Prize

2nd Place
Matt Kasner and Chet Selz
332 lb. Sow
$2430 Prize

3rd Place
Randy & Daniel DeWebber
276 lb. Boar
$810 Prize

This was a great year for the hog contest with 81 entries and hopefully will have more next year.  Kory really had his hands full with weighing over 30 hogs, sometimes in the middle of the night just to make sure they were weighed within the 24 hour time slot allowed.  Stay tuned and we will have pictures of the winners with their checks, after they have taken the polygraph, and there should be an article coming out soon in the Wise County Messenger regarding the Hog Contest! A big Thank You! to everyone who entered and hopefully next year we will also have some prizes and raffles that everyone can enter as well!


  1. Yeah, heard the Chapman boys made out like bandits.

  2. Just have someone trap and cut a pig for you and you could win next year.

  3. Lots of sore losers this year too!