Monday, March 18, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • Texas Parks and Wildlife is saying that the drought could actually impact turkey hunting this year... I drink enough water everyday, so I think I should be fine to kill a Turkey this year, no problem! 
  • The Wise County Messenger did a little piece on the Hog Contest.  Not a bad article, but they left out this website, which is a little disappointing. Should help with the publicity of the contest though!  Here is the article:  High On The Hog
  • I have no idea why I wasn't notified about a BigFoot Convention going on in Fort Worth over the weekend!
  • We have our new logo almost completely finished for the new website... and we like it!  Now time to get the new website up and running!
  • An older video of a Cougar taking down a 160 class Mule Deer... never gets old!
  • Not much happening today but I had some pictures sent to me this morning so I will get around to posting them in just a little while.
  • Not long till sign ups are over for the Turkey Contest!
  • "The only good coyote is a dead coyote!

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