Monday, August 26, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • I'm not a big fan of cows being let loose on my lease a month before bow season starts... time to get to fence building!
  • TPWD has set the waterfowl regulations already.  We can actually harvest 2 Canvasback a day, which is the first time that it has been legal to shoot 2 in over half a century.
  • And they also have, in the making, an online course for the Texas Hunter's Safety Course.  I sat in a class room for what felt like 48 hours to get mine done, now you can be done in 6 hours!
  • Did anyone watch the "Aporkolypse" last night on Sportsman Channel?  Pigman, Uncle Ted, and some others killed, what I thought they said, 455 hogs from a helicopter.  My bucket list got a little longer last night...
  • I think the people in the picture above over did their limit!  Unless of course they are in South America where the dove are considered pests.
  • I could always use a couch like this!

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