Thursday, August 1, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • No news is good news right... not on this website!
  • There sure are alot of giveaways on Facebook.  I can say they actually do give things away and it is not a scam because I have won 2 things.  I have just noticed how many more people are actually participating in these hunting surprise giveaways making it almost impossible to win... I'm really beat down by this, I like to win, but don't we all!
  • Got the GoPro in!  The wifi remote will not charge at all and it is really frustrating. I think I'm going to send it back to GoPro and have them send another one. From what I understand there are a lot of remotes doing this and should be recalled...not a good!
  • Hunter's Extravaganza is coming up August 16-18 at Will Rogers Center in Fort Worth - write that down!
  • I just bought another one of these for my wife, she really wants to be in a tree and not a ground blind, which is perfectly fine by me... if you are a bow hunter and like to hang from a tree and don't have one, you are really missing out!  
  • She is more excited about bow hunting this year then I am!  Her bow is in the shop and I'm a little nervous she might try and hide mine so I can't shoot it... she's a little jealous! I'm going to get her on a hog here in the next couple of weeks just to get her feet wet!
  • Here are some new broadheads I just purchased that are a fairly new product.  Toxic Broadheads. They look pretty intense and think I may shoot video of my wife killing a hog with them so we can get a good look at the entry wound, which is supposed to be massive compared to other broadheads. Video comparison here!
  • If you shoot a fixed blade, here is a great article and video of about 14 different fixed blades and how the do against sheet metal. The new Toxic blades did very well.  Fixed Blades vs. Sheet Metal
  • Ducks Unlimited Banquet - Saturday - Decatur Civic Center - 6:30 p.m. - Write that down!
  • Get it...

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