Thursday, August 8, 2013

Before & After Picture

I mentioned in a post earlier this week or last week that I was having a new string put on my wife's bow and also having it "dipped".  Well, here is the "After" shot of what all was done to the bow to make it this awesome.

  1. I took the bow on the left to Hank Morrow at Pyro Custom Bowstrings in Rhome, Texas to have a new black and pink string put on it to give the bow a little feminine look.
  2. While I was there he mentioned (Texas Hydrographics), which is right next door to him, about having the riser dipped in carbon fiber.  There are a lot of choices of designs to have dipped, even AR-15's, which range from solid colors to zombie designs with skulls and a lot of different shades of camo.
  3. It took a little time, but was well worth it and was like having a complete service done to the bow by just taking it to one place.  
  4. The string cost $125, but also includes the break down of the bow (Which is how it has to be sent to Texas Hydrographics or is an extra $50 charge by them).  The dipping of the riser was $75, which I couldn't be happier about!  I believe he does a complete bow (riser & limbs) for $175, but am not too sure.  Below are a couple of more pics.

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