Monday, August 19, 2013

Hunter's Extravaganza Review

  • This is my first time going and let me say... I will go back next year for sure! It was awesome! I saw so many new things and took care of a lot of our bow hunting clothes shopping while we were there.
  • Of course, we grabbed a a couple cold ones before we started walking, which I couldn't believe they served there, but felt very patriotic after purchasing a large and thinking - I'm having a cold beer in the middle of a hunting show with guns everywhere... I love Texas!
  • My wife and I saw a couple people we knew who had booths, The Little's from 9 Bar Ranch here in Decatur, Jeff Thomason from Predator Pursuit, and Michael Stark from S3 Deer Stands.
  • We will have a booth next year to promote the new site!  Along with my friend and guide buddy, Jason Craig with DTK Waterfowl and Dark Timber Kennels (we are splitting a booth). 
  • Since the site is finally being redone with the forum and all we have the opportunity to sell ad spaces and try and get the name out there for people to visit the site more... every little bit helps and everyone loves a free koozie!
  • If you're going to Hunter's Extravaganza and are thinking of buying an ATV or Side by Side... don't go, you will buy one!
  • Has anyone ever heard of Hartcraft Exchange? So far, I'm really impressed with there broadheads!  We bought a Master Pak which included six ferrules and locking collars, twelve Trophy I blades, twelve Trophy II blades, twelve Thumper blades, twelve Lil Thumper blades, nine Lopper blades, two X-Tends, and one 9v 3LED flashlight. Here is a pic of the broadheads!

  • Not only are they interchangeable with the blades, but the ferrules are extremely sharp and if they are damaged in any way, they will replace them at no charge! I can not wait to try the Lopper blades and try and cut off a turkey head because they are just plain scary looking! We will probably be doing a review on these as well!
  • I came across a duck call company that I have been following for quite some time on Facebook called Toxic Calls.  They are from Idaho and have an awesome design on there calls, but are a little different then most.  Of course, I couldn't help but try one and then ultimately, make the purchase of a pink double read for my collection!
  • We also purchased a new set of small Nikon Binocs, my wife some Scent Lok clothing and boots, a blood trail flashlight, and above all (drum roll please)....a Pico De Gallo Maker!  You may be wondering why on earth they were selling them at a Hunter's Extravaganza Event, but let me tell you, they made a killing.  Since we have had it for the last 2 days we have already made pico de gallo, ground up sausage, beat eggs, chopped veggies, and made more hot sauce.  It is one of the most awesome things I have ever owned and I could not even begin to tell you what it is called, but it cost us $35. EDIT: I googled "Pico De Gallo Maker" and found it... the Kitchen Plus 3000!
  • They had a Rattlesnake Pit!  It made me a little nervous seeing a bunch of rattlesnakes, especially when the guys running it have there coolers, tables, and food all sitting in the pit with them walking around it like it's no big deal.  My kids would have loved it, but the boy probably would have tried to stick his fingers into the fence...

  • There were also plenty of booths rented by outfitters, and some of them were most impressive!  9 Bar's was probably one of my favorites, there were nice tables, displays, and mounts...even had a couple from my Taxi, Johnny at Rut Country! My wife even asked them if she could shoot a Moose with her bow at there place... she really wants to Moose hunt for some reason.
  • If all else fails and you don't find anything you would like to buy, there are always stickers and free koozies everywhere to be found!
  • I was a little dissapointed I didn't get to see Operation Game Thief's Wall of Shame!  They took it to San Antonio and Houston, but for some reason left us here in North Texas out.
  • I also never made it to check out the Deer Competition, and I even had a friend who had entered his 10 point from last year... turns out he got 2nd place in Division III for archery and missed 1st by 1/4 of an inch!  They went by net score and his was 159 5/8 Gross with a net score of 145 2/8... the man who won had a gross score of 149 2/8 but won with a net of 145 4/8. Brian Loper, you still had a beast of a buck with 2nd Place, Congrats Bud (He was also there as part of the Prostaff of Cinnamon Creek Archery)!
  • I can not wait till next year to see what all is new and hope to help this site get up and going a little more after the remodel, which shouldn't be but about another month or so... Let's do this!

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