Friday, August 2, 2013

All About Archery!

  • Best Archery Targets of 2013!
  • 10 Great Compound Bows under $700
  • I should probably just direct you to - That is where I'm getting most of these articles!
  • I really need one of these cases, actually, any case would do at this point!
  • New Best Bows of 2013! Field & Stream
  • Thanks to Cinnamon Creek Ranch in Roanoke, we have a list of Archery Shooting Events here in Texas if anyone is interested... my wife is ready, she won't stop griping at me saying "Where's my Bow?" or "Is it ready yet?" or "Why did you take my bow?" or even "I'm going to hide your bow because mine isn't here and it's just not fair that you get to shoot yours and I don't get to shoot mine!" <--- she might not have said that last quote, but I have a feeling its coming next.
  • And I had to add this article from Field & Stream, it cracks me up just reading the headline.
  • I've posted this before and it may be a good buy. Pre-loaded scent arrow tips and a tip that shoots a bullet! Sounds crazy, but Rac-Em-Bac has come up with something that is very unique!
  • And to ends things on a crazy note... If you ever attempt to shoot an apple off someones head, watch this before being at the end where the apple sits. Russia's Got Talent!
  • One awesome bow hunter HERE and I love his videos! Even bought my wife and I a shirt!

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