Friday, August 9, 2013

Post About Ducks!

  • Duck season does start at the same time as rifle season, so I thought a little duck info might not hurt anything...
  • New waterfowl calls of 2013! Thanks to the Ducks Unlimited News Letter.
  • And as I was looking through the 2013 new waterfowl calls from the link above, I saw these guys, Paleo River... now I don't know how they sound,but I sure would like to get one of their whistles, they are very nice looking!
  • And of course DU has listed the new waterfowl guns of 2013, but I never thought an over and under would ever be on the list!
  • And here is a complete 2013 Waterfowl Gear Guide you can look at that includes everything.
  • And you might as well drill a well near your ponds here in North Texas because they are drying up fast!

1 comment:

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