Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • Guided another hunt for DTK.  The guy had a nice bag of big ducks along with a nice Hooded Merganser he is taking for a wall mount.  (above pic)
  • Got a cool video I've been trying to upload of Matt Kasner of Bridgeport winging a mallard with his bow. Video doesn't seem to want to cooperate!
  • Went goose hunting a while ago.  Didn't kill one goose, but it managed to be one of the best duck hunts I have ever experienced.  I was hunting with my guide buddy in Oklahoma and had 200-300 ducks decoy on us at one time, 10 yards away. It was an amazing sight! The geese were 50 yards behind them and we didn't even give them a chance, the ducks were ours! 
  • Hog Contest signups are starting to build up.  I bet there is a better turnout than last year... which also means bigger $$$$ for the winner!
  • Check your deep freeze regularly! Trust me... run and check it now! Not fun!
  • Looks like the women hand the upper hand on the men with the buck harvest this year! What do you have to say for yourself fellas?
  • Pigeons!  I have a buddy who really  likes to shoot pigeons, and it is ridiculous how many he kills in a hunt!
  • Proper way to hold a pistol! Your doing it wrong!
Wes got his limit as well with a limit guided by yours truly!

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