Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Triple Tragedy

This story is a little old, but still fascinating and sad at the same time!

Forester, Jason Good was surveying timber in Meigs County , Ohio , on November 12 when he stumbled upon a bizarre sight that made the hair on the back of his neck stand up: In a waist-deep pool of Leading Creek, nose-to-nose like fish on a stringer, floated three whitetail deer

Good spotted the deer from a distance and, at first, thought it was a single carcass."It was close to the road, and I figured somebody had poached a deer," he recalls. Even after a second look revealed two deer, he was about to walk away.

"I see dead deer in the woods all the time," explains Good, who measures timber for a lumber company."I almost ignored it until I looked again and saw it was three deer."

From the creek bank he realized he'd found "something -special" - not just three deer, but three bucks that appeared to have locked antlers.

"I sat there 20 minutes just looking at them, totally amazed, and it took that long to sink in what I was looking at," Good says. "I thought, 'If this is really what I think this is then I cannot screw this up.' I wanted to make sure everything was done by the book so the landowner got to keep these horns."

Good called the landowner, Brien Burke.

"He said,'Brien,I've found something on your property I've never seen before, and you've got to see it,'" Burke recalls."I'm thinking a murder, a meth lab, who knows? I said, 'Jason, just tell me what it is.' He says, 'It's three bucks locked up and they're floating dead in your creek.'"

Burke couldn't believe it. "I could see two, but three? I asked if he was sure and he said, 'Yes.' I drove down and met him. They were floating in the creek almost like three petals of a flower or something."

More of The Triple Tragedy Story Here! It's a long one!

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