Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show takes place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and is supposedly the largest show of it's kind.  Due to recent events they banned all assault weapons for the expo, which has left their number 1 sponsor, Cabela's, pulling out of the event, saying, "After careful consideration regarding Cabela's business practices and the feelings of our customers, Cabela's will, unfortunately not have a presence at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show."  Now, not only are they pulling their sponsorship, but they are boycotting it with some celebrity hunters! The NRA jumped on the bandwagon as well!

And for those of you who are familiar with Zink Calls and Avian-X, they just posted this recently on their facebook page.

"Zink Calls & Avian-X are officially withdrawing their support of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show. We feel, just as many of you do, that our participation would be against everything we believe in and stand for as a company and an industry.
We apologize to our loyal customers and to our hunting community; we will certainly miss not seeing you this year. As hunters, sportsmen, and gun owners, our industry must stand strong together. Thank you for your continued support."

Good for them!

EDIT: The following have also pulled there sponsorship and showing at the Expo: Smith & Wesson, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and Ruger!

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