Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • That golf course goose hunt was something else. 
  • I can't believe we had 81 entries for the hog contest this year.  That is one heck of a payout, even for 2nd and 3rd places. 
  • I've changed up a couple of things on the site in case you haven't noticed.  I added some tabs right below my banner to make it easy to contact me as well as an About tab.  I felt like a 4th grader writing an essay about myself. 
  • One tab is for the Hog Contest... Next year people can sign up online and pay through PayPal with a credit card or bank account to make it a little easier.  There will definitly be some awesome changes for 2014, maybe even t-shirts, I don't know!  Let's just stay focused on 2013 for now...
  • 298 days till duck season!
  • Looks like this website will be hosting a Wise County Predator Calling Contest next year (24 hr.).  I've got 2 friends helping me put it together and I think it will be a hit!  More details to come...
  • I heard rumor that during the Bridgeport vs. Decatur Basketball games, which were played here in Decatur on Tuesday, someone put ducks in the Bridgeport Basketball Bus, which happened to be the varsity girls. Nothing wrong with a little prank, but when it involves a duck, it can get pretty serious.
  • There is even thought of us hosting a big buck competition next year, we just have to get all of our ducks in a row!
  • Close call on a pig hunt!

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