Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Friday... Not much Going On!

  • I'm a little late posting today!
  • Went down to 2K Pawn in Decatur the other day to see about some steel shot.  They looked like they were ransacked by a mob of preppers... they didn't have one semi-automatic rifle on the shelf and most of their pistols were gone since the last time I went in!
  • Wife just cancelled her duck hunt this Sunday due to a neck injury! I was looking forward to seeing her try and hold up a shotgun, too.
  • It sure has been a while since Texas Parks and Wildlife has submitted any Game Warden Field Notes.  It drives me insane because I heard they release them every week, but still can not find them after hours of intensive searching.
  • I'm not much on politics, but I am much on guns... so to post this video of an anti-gun liberal being stopped down by a 2nd Amendment believer, isn't really my style, but I still think it's post worthy!
  • For those of you who are up at 5 a.m. on Saturdays, there is a segment on 96.7 FM featuring Big Billy Kinder Outdoors for one hour.  He basically lets you know everything going on with the outdoor world here in the DFW area. I met him once at a Tarrant County Sportsman Club, he was a great guy, he even announced our Wise County Ducks Unlimited Banquet on his broadcast.
  • New DFW International Boat Show is coming to the Ballpark in Arlington.  Rumor is they shut down the Dallas Boat Show because of it.  It goes on from Feb 1 - 10.
  • I have yet to kill a goose this year, and it is driving me insane! I've got a bone to pick with a Speck!
  • Not many pictures being sent my way, so you may have to just read for a while... hopefully this hog contest will get everyone going again!
  •  I missed out on a chance at a fun little duck/goose hunt the other morning... they even went Prairie Dog hunting afterwards!
Alicia with DTK Waterfowl

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