Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • 2013! I blinked and then 2012 was over.
  • I have made up the flyers for the 2013 Wild Hog Hunting Contest. I'll make sure to post it on here so everyone will know the rules and who to call to sign up (Kory Chapman).  Last year's winners, Mike Overton and Larry Lewis, took home $1850 for a 288 lb. hog.
  • Guided another hunt for DTK over the weekend. They got a great mixed bag: Hooded Merganser, Pintail, Teal, and couple of Mallards. They had a nice hunt! (above pic)
  • Going goose hunting this Saturday across the Oklahoma border... I'm nervous!
  • Had an e-mail a little while ago asking me about Robby Shinn's buck I posted.  The guy asked me for his number to see if it was the same one he shot at with a bow and ducked on him, but managed to take a piece off the top of him.  Same Buck, Small World! (pic below)
  • Today is the last day for employee discount at Cabelas!
  • Crunch time for you deer hunters with a tag left!
  •  I aslo found a really interesting duck hunting website based out of Krum that gives reviews on certain guides as well as all around waterfowl hunting.  Four Curl Nation
You can see the spot on his back where the arrow grazed the heck out of him!

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