Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • Ducks will land in some of the least expected places!
  • What a downpour we had this last week. We needed it, and so did the weatherman, he seems to be the one that catches all the hell about the drought.
  • I've gotten to the point where I don't even shoot anymore when I guide duck hunts... I just try my hardest to get the other guys their limit, just hoping they can hit the target!
  • Wonder how many people accidentally placed there mule deer tag on their white tail?!? I'm sure the numbers are higher than you think!
  • Deer season is officially over (well, besides doe and spike)... but hog season is game on! Wise County Hog Contest is starting at the end of this month and you better put in by January 27th because there are no late entries.  $100 per 2 man team. Call Kory Chapman (940) 210-9907
  • Going to take my wife on a duck hunt this weekend.  It will be her first time ever, and very possibly her last ever... it's going to be cold! Should be interesting!
  • 126 pigeons...have you ever seen that many at once? (pic below)
  • This taxidermist (Rut Country) over in Boyd had the coolest Hooded Merganser mount that I have seen... It was standing on a turtle shell.  (have to scroll down his page and it will be on the left)
  • Haven't heard of anyone around here shooting a banded duck this year.  The odds aren't too great in this part of the country!
  • For those of you who like the Game Warden Field Notes, this retired Florida Game Warden wrote a book about his 24 years of service.  Working On The Wildside

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