Thursday, January 24, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • I don't know if you can tell or not, but I've started doing a little bit of advertising for some friends.  Of course, I get a little something on the side, but hey, us hunters need to know where we can get some things done that involve our number one hobby!
  • Carbon Express came out with a crossbow with the flexibility of an AR.  It's not really my cup of tea, but it might be right up some of you guys alley. And Barnett came out with a new crossbow that shoots 410 fps... that's bookin' it!
  • I used to have an AR-15, notice I said "used to"! Bummer!
  • Duck season ends on Sunday... and it hurts! But goose season stays open till the 3rd of February for people on the west side of Hwy 35!
  • My buddy was hired to rid 30-40 geese on a golf course next week.  They said the geese are chasing the golfers while they are playing and chasing them while they are riding their golf carts.  They shut down the course for a day next week just so they could be "taken care of".  They will drive us down on golf carts and we shall have at it! I'm excited!
  • 37 teams have signed up for the Wise County Hog Contest.  That's $1850 for the winner so far, same as last year, but I imagine there will be more sign up by Sunday!
  • After duck season is over, we would have guided quite a few hunts... enough that has put us over 1000 ducks for our clients after this weekend! That's a lot of ducks!  Not many people like to eat them, but I have managed to find some pretty good recipes which include a stew (pretty darn good), grilled with thousand island marinade (marinate long and hard), and also wrapped in bacon and grilled!  The stew is my favorite though... kids don't like it, but they don't like any stew!
  • I'm ready for some more pictures to post too guys!

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