Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Turkey Contest Results

I scored 2 turkey over the weekend... well, actually 3, but the other was just a score of 5.1, but I guess it would still be in 3rd, just not for long.  Lot of Turkey season left!

1st Place
Klayton & Eugene Canova
Spur 1 - 12/16           Spur 2 - 13/16
Beard - 10 4/16
TOTAL - 11.81
Harvested by Klayton Canova

2nd Place
Callie & Claire Coker
Spur 1 - 1 1/16             Spur 2 - 1 2/16
Beard 1 - 2                 Beard 2 - 3 8/16
TOTAL - 7.69
Harvested by Callie Coker
One strange beard on this one...not only did it have 2 beards, but one looked cut.  You can see the beard on the left how it is almost all cut perfect length and is white on the tip.  If anyone can enlighten us on this, please feel free, I'm curious.  And this was her first double bearded! Congrats!

Honorable Mentions

Kory Chapman of Decatur, Texas
5.1 Total 

Emma Stephens of Decatur
Nice Gobbler

Andrew Gage and Kyle Parker of Decatur

Tyler Chapman of Decatur
"Went Turkey Hunting... Killed a Hog!"

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