Friday, April 19, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • I have only had one other turkey measured since the double bearded monster was harvested about a week ago... don't give up guys!
  • Lot of speculation going on with the recent sad events in Boston. I hate to see things like this happen in our country!  Here are some quotes from people off Facebook:  "Shootings are followed by support for more strict gun laws, so why aren't bombings followed by support to outlaw bombs... Oh wait, they are outlawed." or "Blame the bomber not the bomb, what about blame the shooter, not the gun?"... either way, it's an all around bad week for our country! 
  • Turkey hunting can be a whole lot of fun, but when you've been skunked 3 times... it can really start to get under your skin!
  • Well, they said I could have my web address displayed on my exploding goat video when it aired on the Outdoor Channel, but they lied! Luckily, I wore my hat!
  • A nice little letter from Michael Bane, an Executive Producer of the Outdoor Channel, to Senator Steve King of Colorado, informing they are pulling production from the state due to Colorado's betraying of the 2nd Amendment.
  • Some of the strangest things I've seen seem to occur in Alaska, especially since I've started watching Alaska State Troopers... but this tops them all!

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