Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Fun!

Sunday morning, bright and early, I got up and went hog doggin' with some friends.  I have been one other time, but didn't catch a hog!  This time was different, we caught 3 hogs, 2 of which were caught 20 yards from each other.  It was an experience and I will be going again soon.  I video'd every bit of it, so be expecting a video in the near future!

Kyle Parker of Bridgeport, Texas
"The Fang Gang"

Jeff Pinkerton & Kory Chapman
TOTAL - 11.69

The Outlaws brought this turkey to m early last week and I forgot to post the pictures... better late than never (Mas vale tarde que nunca)!

Joseph Krebbs and Phillip Daugherty (Team No Name) went turkey hunting and shot a coyote!  Score! 

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